My crazy stupid life

Hey, i'm just writing down about my complicated life


3. summer break

The year was already over, i still didn't talk to Staf even when he was on my mind all the time. And i didn't know to what class i should go. I had the choice between two classes. The first was for the really smart kids and i could handle it but i am very bad at maths so maybe i should go to the second. Eventually i went to the first. When it finally was summer break, we rent a little vacation house at the beach. Every sunset i drawed with my finger a heart in the sand and wrote Staf his name in it. I did that the whole summer. Sadly, it was school again before i knew it. The mean girl called Demi was still in my class and only one of the friends from the year before this was in my class. But i was glad that i still had my guitar lessons. Every monday was a day i loved. Actually i liked the boy who i sas at monday. In the fifth week of the year. I was in the cantine and my friend introduced me to this boy called Senna. After a while I became friends with him and i got this feeling that he liked me. On november 13th i said that i liked him because i felt sorry for him. We were in a relationship for 6 months but i didn't love him and we were only friends. That's why i didn't want to Kiss him and that kind of stuff. We only hugged each other. In the third week that we were together he said that he liked his teacher. We got into a fight and that lasted a few days. That was when i broke up with him. But after we weren't together anymore he didn't want to talk to me and because i missed my best friend i texted him and he wanted to be in a relationship with me again so i agreed because i didn't want to lose my best friend. Even when i didn't tell him that. We were 6 months together and he started to change, he didn't talk to me anymore and seemed to avoid me. He didn't asked for cuddles and didn't want to sit with me. I tried to ignore it for two weeks but i couldn't handle it anymore so i went to talk with him. I asked what was wrong and he said that there wasn't anything bothering him. I said that he was different Then before and that we maybe both changed. While this conversation he didn't even look at me and he kept laughing and it was really pissing me off so i walked away. When i came home i saw i had a message from Senna. It said: 'maybe you were right and we both changed. You don't say anything to me in the hallways etc. I don't want to force anything and i don't want this but i'm breaking up with you.'

When i read it i am still schocked. i wasn't really sad but he accused me and broke up with me texting it. 3 days after we broke up he hugged a friend of .and kissed her on the cheek. 5 days after the text message he was in a relationship with her. He didn't talk to me, or even looked at me. He saw right through me. I felt replaced. Even though i didn't cry once. I didn't love him the way he loved me. This all happened 5 weeks ago

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