My Teacher

It's Jessa's first day of college and she is very nervous and excited

What happens when she walks into her music arts class and she automatically falls for

Will she get him or will his job be in the way? Will he fall her too? Read to fine out


2. //2//


***beep*** ***beep*** ***beep***

I woke up to my alarm and I got up and ready for school I wore white shorts a black crop top that shows a belly button piercing and a red and black around my waist with my black vans

When I walked into my first class I saw a girl in the back sitting by herself she had long blonde hair with blue dip dyed tips and hazel eyes I went up to her and said hi she looked at me with a shocked look and said hey I asked her what her name was and she said Vanesa I smile and said I'm Jessa and we talked a lit before class started and I learned a lot about her she seems pretty cool and she told me that there was a new teacher at this school and people say that he is in a band and he is only 22

When class is over I packed my things and go to my next class which Vanesa has too and when we walk in we see a young teacher with black skinny jeans and a band shirt on that shows is muscles and a red bandana that held his brown curls back I have to admit he was pretty hot then I was snapped back into the real world when Vanesa hit my shoulder and told me to stop staring so we took a seat and when class started the teacher said his name was Ashton Irwin but call him ashton instead he doesn't like the whole formal thing then he started attendance

"Vanesa Payne " he said and Vanesa raised her hand

"Jessa Parks" he said my name and when I raised my hand we made eye contact and he smirked a little which caused me to blush

When he finished attendance he started teaching and I couldn't stop thinking how good he look in those jeans and every now and then he would look at me and smirk which caused me to blush than I was telling Vanesa how he would smirk at me then he called my name

"Ms Parks is anything you would like to share with the class"

"N-no sir" he smirked at me

"Come and see me after class Ms Parks" and with that he went back to teaching

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