My Teacher

It's Jessa's first day of college and she is very nervous and excited

What happens when she walks into her music arts class and she automatically falls for

Will she get him or will his job be in the way? Will he fall her too? Read to fine out


1. //1//

Hi I'm Jessa

I'm 19 and I grew up in London England I moved to Australia for college and I have 2 brothers Josh and Cody they still live in London our parents died when I was 10 and josh and Cody were 5 and yes they are twins and in school they were popular but for me I was semi popular I had a lot friends and a boyfriend but I broke up with him when I found him trying to convince my best friend that they should date but since she is my best friend she told me a I dumped him and now he is the schools man whore.

Know enough of my boring life lets get on with the story

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