Bruised and Scarred

Severus Snape finds out that he has a son but when he goes to collect him, the bruised and scarred little boy he finds is not what he expected. How will Snape deal with the scared, abused little boy he now has custody of. Mentions of abuse. Parental Snape and OC. I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER!


4. Legalities

Severus emerged gracefully from the enormous green fireplaces at the ministry, lightly brushing himself free of imaginary dust, it never ceased to amaze him how dirty some people could become when flooing, it wasn't hard to avoid.

He smirked at the little witch who came stumbling out of the fireplace beside him coughing and choking on the clouds of dust her exit had provoked, robes caked with the substance.

That was one thing he always enjoyed about his highly infrequent visits to the Ministry, smirking at others incompetence and misfortune always did make whatever tedious task he was undertaking that much more bearable.

Today was different though, the task he was undertaking today was not tedious or aggravating in the slightest and he did not require finding amusement in others as this task was important, most pressing and close to his heart.

He was here today for his son, now what department did he need again?

Oh yes the department for magical minor care, he was thankful Lucius has connections in every department, it will make this soooo much easier!

He slipped into a half empty lift and pressed the button for floor 4.


Edwards vision slowly cleared as he returned to consciousness, revelling in the strange sensation of a real bed and real bedcovers.

Had he ever lain in a bed before, maybe he had once but he didn't remember, although there was something so hauntingly familiar to him that he just couldn't put his finger on.

A loud crack echoed through the room and he flinched back underneath the protection of the soft, emerald green duvet he was previously ensconced in.

When he finally gathered the courage to raise his head once more, his mouth dropped open into an 'o' of surprise at the tiny creature wearing a stained, grimy towel as a loincloth.

It had big pointy ears that stuck out from the side of its head, a bulbous running nose and massive watery eyes, when he met its eyes it let out a surprise squeak and bowed so lowly its nose must have scraped the cold stone floor.

"Master Edward sir, i's is sorry to be disturbing you, i's is Funguy, Master Severus sir asked me to sit with you, is there anything yous be needing?

It was asking if he needed anything, him, Edward. Did he not know the rules, did he not know what he was? Where was the man with the safe arms and long black hair, he would tell the thing what it did wrong and then he would go back to his Aunt and that Man.

Until then he would just keep out of the way, as his Aunt would say, "Out of sight, out of mind" he slipped out of the bed reluctantly, bare feet freezing at the touch of the icy stone floor.

He grabbed the pillow from the bed and hastily crawled underneath, curling up into a tight ball to conserve heat and fell asleep in the darkness, head resting comfortably on a pillow for the first time in his life.

Well, if he was going to go back he might as well make the most of what the strange man had given him, it's not like the man could do anything that hadn't been done to him before.


The lift doors clattered open as an automated female voice announced 'Floor 4, The Department For Magical Minor Care' Severus scowled at the other occupants of the lift and swept out indignantly, his robes, now decorated with burn marks, billowing dramatically behind him.

He would most certainly be billing the Department for Magical Creatures for a new set of robes, I mean who in their right mind brings a fire breathing kneazle into a lift!

He sighed exasperatedly, a scowl marring his delicate features as he strode towards Madame Bones' office, passing through the rows of witches in emerald green robes, the only sound the slight tapping of his boots on the floor and the scratching of their quills, as they signed the documents that magically appeared on their desks.

Ranging from reports of abuse, silly children complaining about a tiny, insignificant little spanking to reports of abandoned children who are desperately searching for their parents, inside the rage reached its peak and he snarled at the nearest witch who jerked back in shock and stammered nervously, "M,m,m,m Madame Bones will be with you s,s,shortly sir" he fixed her with his most terrifying glare, said to have stopped charging bulls in their tracks.

She shot to her feet, tears running down her cheeks and cried out as she ran away down the corridor "Ill get her for you right away sir!"

Now Severus Snape is not a patient man so it did not come as a surprise to any of those watching the scene unfold that he straightened his robes and promptly strode after the fleeing witch, presumably to meet Madame Bones halfway down the corridor and speed up the telling of the obviously distressing news, as you would never catch Severus Snape having anything to do with children, correction anything more to do with children than was strictly necessary through Hogwarts.

"Severus" Madame Bones greeted jovially as she placed a placating hand on his shoulder, "I am terribly sorry for my assistants disrespect" leaning in close to his ear she whispered conspiratorially "they don't get out much, sad really, they're so intelligent in a fashion."

She laughed heartily at her own joke and Severus couldn't help the answering twitch at the corner of his own mouth, now here was a woman who understood his kind of humour.

To his surprise he found himself being pushed down into a squashy armchair by a crackling fire, the sudden influx of heat brought a flush of pink to his cheeks and Madame Bones smirked slightly, "A bit hot there Severus?" she queried slyly.

The flush became a full on blush and Severus cursed his traitorous body for betraying him in such an embarrassing way.

"Madame Bones" he sighed wearily, "although I must admit I find your humour very amusing, it is not quite as such when it is aimed at me" he gave her a pointed look and she immediately became serious, eyes darkening and smile dropping.

" Yes Severus, I quite understand, now what is it that has brought you back to my office after all these years, you only ever visit when you find…" she trailed off sadly and shot him a nervous look "you haven't have you?"

He nodded sadly and her hand shot to her mouth, great sadness showing in the glistening of her eyes, "who Severus, who is it?"

"My son, Edward Snape"

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