Art with Artsie-Foxy {REQUESTS OPEN!!}

Hello everyone, for those of you who saw my first 'showcase' of art, this one should be better.....I hope....but I take requests, I love the challenge, just tag me in a picture with #DoitArtsie and if I decide to do it I'll leave it in here.
(Feel free to comment on my work, it helps, good or bad.)

Have a fabulous day~


1. other sides (I do love you meme)

so...I've seen this meme A LOT all over YouTube, and obviously I wanted to do it, unfortunately, I don't have my stylist. Yet. I'm hoping to be able to do it in the future. Also, as you can see there's purple markings around the eye, yes, that WAS in her original design, but I found she looked better without it (I was lazy and didn't feel like finishing coloring it)


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