And Then It Happened

Its about werewolves, and you will have to read it to find out the rest :)


1. Prologue

My mummy (the Luna) and I were playing hide and seek in the woods. I had just climbed a tree and was sitting comfortably on a branch waiting for her. We always searched for each other in wolf form because we loved the feeling of being free and having the wind in our fur. 

She had just walked into the clearing where my tree was when I heard shouts rapidly coming closer. I looked around and saw two men with guns emerge from the trees. They slowly walked towards her, aiming their guns incase she made any sudden movements. She must have know where I was (but I didn't know that at the time) because one of the men came to close to the tree I was in and she lunged towards him snapping her teeth as she stood infront of the tree guarding it, her eyes never once leaving the men that stood on each side of her.

The man on the left took a step closer, she growled bearing her teeth showing off her sharp canines hoping it would scare them off. Sadly it didn't because when mum moved the man on the right quickly fired the gun shooting her in the stomach. She howled in pain as she fell to the ground whining with each breath. 

When she could barely move any longer she looked up into the tree and stared straight into my eyes and with her last breaths whispered "I found you" into my mind (if you didn't already know werewolves have a mind link thing where we can talk into each other's minds). After she looked at me I new she was dead. How could someone do this? The men walked away lauging and talking about what they had already killed. 

I jumped down from the tree landing on the ground with ease and ran over to mothers limp body, blood stained her beautiful silver fur and the grass below leaving a small pool of blood. As of that day I decided that i would stay strong and I will not cry becasue i know that's not what mother would have wanted. She would have wanted for me to stay strong. 

I still remember that day as if it was yesterday, I partly blame myself for that because i could have alerted someone with the mind link but I was to scared to even move. Father says it wasn't my fault I was only seven that in couldn't have done anything. But I know he's just saying that to make me feel better.

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