And Then It Happened

Its about werewolves, and you will have to read it to find out the rest :)


3. Chapter Two

Fern's P.O.V

I had been walking through the forset for about an hour now. It was pretty dark but thanks to my highted eyesight i could still see. I continued walking and looked at the time, it was 12:30 its lunch time no wonder im hungry! 
I stopped and sat down infront of a tree leaning on the trunk as i dug through my bag looking for a sandwich when i heard a snap. My head whipped up and looked around scanning the area by the sounds of it whatever it was, was about 5 minutes away. I quickly closed my bag making sure i left nothing behind and climbed the tree. I climbed until i reached a leafy area so i was mostly covered and hid watching the ground for the maker of the sound.

A few minutes later I saw a shadow just behind one of the trees to my left. I watched as they walked slowly stepping over branches and piles of dead leaves making sure they didn't make a sound. When they where just below my tree i could tell it was deffinetely a man. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a black button up shirt untucked and a black leather jacket with combat boots. His hair was all black and he had it in a quiff, all in all he just looked like the typical bad boy. He turned around so he was facing me as he looked into the trees behind him. I saw his face and might i say he was pretty damn hot. He had tanned face and amazing jawbones. I couldnt see his eyes very well but i could tell that if i looked into them it would be hard to look away. After he had finished scanning the area he walked of behind the tree i was in. I decided to wait for another few minutes before climbing down just in case he was still nearby. As he walked away i felt this tightness in my chest. As i watched his retreating figure i felt a pull to follow him, i wanted to be neat him. What is happening to me?!

After i had waited five minutes i started to climb down the tree. Once i had reached the ground i looked around trying to decide which way to go. I new i came from the west wich was at the moment to my left, so i decided to continue east. I started walking and suddenly felt like i was being watched. I looked behind me but saw no one there so I decided i was just being paranoid. I kept walking hoping to cover as much ground as possible before i got to tired. 

About ten minutes later i had realised i never ended up eating so i stopped and once again lent against a tree trunk and got out my sandwhich and started eating. After i finished my food i stood up and started walking once again. It was about 1:15PM when i noticed that feeling like i was being watched again, but to my disappointment the feeling was right. 

I looked around and saw to men emerge from the trees and walk towards me. I went to take a step back but felt myself collide with someones chest. I let out a surprised gasp and stepped forward again. I was surrounded, but then i remembered the knives in my bag. I opened my bag and carefully took one out making sure they wouldn't notice. I held it by my side so i could easily use it when i needed it. I looked around at the men watching to see who would make the first move. I looked at the man on my left, then right and finally at the one behind me but that was a big mistake. The man on the left lept at me, knowing that at that point i was not prepared for an attack. He grabbed my left arm in a tight grip. It was then that i realized these men were rogues (werewoves without a pack). Rogues were know for taking wemon for their own and sometimes men depending on who it was. 

I swung the knife slicing his bicep. He yelled out in pain and let go of my arm and slapped me. I stumbled back due to the force and fell into one of the other men. They grabbed my arms and they guy that i cut, walked up to me his face centimetres from mine. 
"You shouldn't have done that love" he whispered his lips brushing against my ear as he twirled a piece of my hair around his finger. I whipered in the mens grip, the fear rising in me. What have i done?

"Let her go" i looked around to see the the badass looking guy from earlier. His whole pressence radiated danger, but the men surrounding me obviously didn't care because they just smirked and turned back to me.
"Looks like we're going to have some fun with you" Smirks said as he twirled at piece of my hair around his finger ( Smirks is my new name for him because he smirks so damn much)
"go to hell, you son of a bitch!" i growled through clenched teeth struggling against the man on my right (his name is now Blondie because he has blonde hair) and the man on my left (The Rock jr becasue he reminds me of a younger version of The Rock.aka Dwayne Johnson) to no extent. 

Smirks just laughed and told Blondie and The Rock Jr to follow him and make sure i didn't get away. Just as we were about to start walking Raven (my name for the badass guy for now becasue he is wearing completely black clothing so why the hell not) spoke 
"i said let her go" his words sounded almost as if he was daring them not to listen. 
"Oh? And what ya gonna do about it"? Smirks wait for it... wait for it... smirks smirked. 
"If you don't let her go i will shove your heads so far up your asses that they will be in the same place they started!" he said taking a step closer never once letting his guard down. After Raven said that i felt Blondie and The Rock Jr tense up. 
"You know what i am going to tell you something so listen carefully... fuck off this is my business!" Smirks growled as he turned on his heel and walked to me. 

His eyes were filled with frustration but when he looked at me all i saw was lust. I whimpered and tried to pull away until i felt something hard collide with my left cheek, i cried out in pain and immediately stopped struggling. 
"Sorry baby but as long as you don't struggle i won't have to do that. So from now on just do as your told" he said licking his lips while looking me up and down.

Just as we were about to set off i looked around but couldn't see Raven. Gee nice to know he is ok with leaving me to my doom. (*cough* *cough* note the sacrasm). But apparently i was wrong because when Smirks turned around none other than Raven was standing before him. Smirks took a step back surprised only to be awarded by a punch in the nose. 

When Ravens fist made contact with Smirks nose i could hear the crunch as the bone broke, i winced at the sound.
"I warned you and you made the mistake of ignoring me. So I'm going to give you one more chance to let her go and i will consider not killing you" Raven said as he looked Smirks dead in the eye his gase not once wavering. 
"I'm gonna say this once and only once. There is no way in hell i am going to let her go so just leave mate!" Smirks said turing away from Raven. 
"Alright we can do this the hard way then" Raven replied a small devious smile forming on his lips. He stepped towards Smirks and ducked when Smirks attempted to punch him. Raven swiped at Smirks feet and pulled them out from undet him and punched him in the stomach, momentarily winding him.

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