And Then It Happened

Its about werewolves, and you will have to read it to find out the rest :)


5. Chapter Four

Kyle's P.O.V (am i the only one that's been waiting for this?...actually yeah i probably am... *goes and sits in a corner and cries*)

I watched as Fern lay sleeping beside a tree. She was beautiful with her wavy brown hair, her colourful eyes... I'm not going to even begin trying to decide what colour they are. Her skin was paler than any werewolf i had seen, but strange things happen. Her luscious full pink lips were slightly parted and her hand lay under her head as a makeshift pillow. All in all she was beautiful. 

I was walking along the edge of the forest as i do every morning just taking in the scenery when my wolf suddenly called out "MATE!" and took over. I chaged into wolf form and ran full speed through the woods until i smelt something. I followed this sent until i came to a clearing. I followed the sent until it suddenly stopped infront of a large tree, i didnt need to look up to know she was hiding up there.

As i scanned the area i felt her eyes on me making my heart race. Once i had completely sanned the clearing i left. I hid behind some trees a few metres away. She waited another five minutes before climbing back down from the tree. She looked around and started walking through the forest again. I followed behind her keeping a safe distance steping aroubd twigs and dried leaves making no noise. 

I stopped when i saw three rogues closing in around her. She had no escape. She took a step back and gasped as she collided with one of the mens chests. I noticed her moving her had bit by bit towards her bag making sure the men didn't notice. Once her hand was on her bag she opened it and grabbed out a knife putting it carefully at her side. Smart girl. When the rogues were least expecting it she swung her arm and sliced through the leaders bicep. He cried out in pain holdijg his arm as glared and then slapped her which caused her to stumbled back into the blonde guy.

When she steadied herself the two men on either side of the girl grabbed her arms holding her in place as she struggled to free herself of their grip. I watched as the 'leader' of the group walked up to her his face right up close to hers as he whispered something into her ear, while twirling her hair around his finger... for some reason this made my wolf crazy say that it should be us doing that... and that we should be the ones holding her in our arms... at this point my wolf was yellijg at me to protect her and keep her safe. Stepping out from where i was hiding i stood a few metres away from them "Let her go" i demanded... i stood there power radiating off of me. They all turned to look at me the three men with glares rising on their faces and the girls face was coverd in surprise and recognition... which for some reason made me happy because she remember me.

The men or should i call rogues (i figured they were rogues when a gust wind carried their sents to my nose) clearly didn't see me as a threat because they turned back to the girl without a second glance. The leader of the rogues lent in towarda her and whispered something in her ear as he twisted her hair around his finger. As i watched i became more and more agitated. I wanted to help her.

"I said let her go" i spoke with a challenging tone almost daring them to ignore me. I stepped closer a menacing look on my face. My eyes never once leaving the leaders. 
"Oh? And what ya gonna do about it?" he said and smirked. I stepped closer, i was now only a few steps away from him and smirked 
"if you don't let her go i will shove your heads so far up your asses they will be back were they started" i nearly laughed as the guys holding my mate suddenly tensed after my threat. The rogues leader stood up straightand lent forward his lip pulled up into a snarl 
"you know what i am going to tell something so listen carefully.... FUCK OFF this is MY buisness" he growled and spun around walking over to the girl. I watched as fear suddenly filled her eyes as she began to whimper and struggled in the arms of her captors trying to get away.

I watched as the leaders hand collided with her cheek throwing her head to the side making her cry out in pain.
"Sorry baby but as long as you don't struggle i won't have to do that. So from now on just do what your told" i heard the sound of him licking his lips and watched as he looked her up and down. I clenhed my fists as i watched infuriated by what i saw before me. 

I decided to hide so they thought i haf given up... so i walked around them in a large circle making sure they were not able to see me... i walked until i was standing behind the leaders back. A few seconds later he turned around and took a step back in surprise when he saw me standing there. I swung my arm allowing my fist to collide with his nose i smirked as i heard the satisfying sound of his nose breaking. 
"I warned you and you took the mistake of ignoring me, so I'm going to give you one more chance to let her go and i will consider not killing you" i could hear the angry in my voice as it filled the silence in the trees surrounding us as i looked him dead in the eye, my gaze unwavering. 
"I'm gonna say this once and only once. There is no way in hell i am going to let her go so just leave mate" he said turning away from me, which was move he could have made. 
"Alright we can do this the hard way then" i said as i rolled up my sleeves.

I quickly stepped forward swinging my foot out swipping the leaders legs out from under him and punching him in the sromach as he collided with the ground, monetarily winding him.


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