And Then It Happened

Its about werewolves, and you will have to read it to find out the rest :)


6. Chapter Five

Kyle's P.O.V
We fought for another five minutes, he got in a few good punches but from what i could tell he dosen't really know how to fight. He must use intimidation. I took one final swing aiming for his temple know if i punch with enough force it will be fatal. My fist collided with his temple with such force he flew back a few metres, his limp lifeless body laying in a pilw of damp leaves in am awkward position. I always felt bad for killing a person, but this time i didn't. He got what he diserved. 

I turned around to look at the other two rogues holding my mate and glared at them. 
"You boys should let the girl go, or you'll end up like your friend here" i said turning my head to look at their leaders lifeless body.
I turned to the two rogues as they shoved the girl forward and ran. I watched for a second realising she was falling and i wrapped my arms around her waist, catching her before she hit the ground the ground. I slowly lifted her up as she spun around and came face to face with me. My would was going crazy
"come on Kyle we have her! Lets take her home!!! We WANT HER! YOU WANT HER! TAKE HER!!!" He screamed at me but i ignored him.
"Do you mind letting go of me" she said glaring up at me while squirming around trying to escape my hold on her waist. I looked down on her and studied her face.

Her dark brown hair was messy from the previous struggle but still some how looked hot, her full pink lips were firmly pressed together in frustration and her gorgeous blue eyes? I think there blue... there just a mixture of colours, i could get lost in them all day. I looked at her again and noticed how pale she was, what kind of werewolf has EVER been pale?! But some how it didn't bother me like it should have. It only made me want her more.

"What's your name?" I asked ignoring her previous comment. She stopped strugglin and looked up at me
"Fern, now let me go" she spoke firmly and she moved around in my arms again.
"Nah i think i like this. Oh and it's Kyle" i said smirking down at her. 
"What's Kyle?" She asked confusion filling her voice 
"my name is Kyle" i said laughing quietly
"well Fern what would a pretty lady like you be doing out in this neck of the woods?" I asked searching her face for a reaction "i will tell you if you let me go" she said hopefully 
"ughh fine" i said as i unwrapped my arms from her waist and took a step back.

Immediately i missed the contact and the feel of her in my arms, it felt so right. "I'm out here because i ran away" she said vaguely. 
"Really thats all i get! Why are you running away?" I asked honestly interested in what happened. 
"I'm not going to tell you that. Look i know you saved my life and all and i am seriously grateful for that, but we only kist met so i don't think I'm going to be telling you my life story" she said she swung her bag onto her shoulder and started walking away.

"Sorry. Fern wait" i called out to her retreating figure as i jogged to catch up. 
"Come on at least tell me where your coming from, if you won't tell me anything else" i whined hoping to get some information out of her. She waited a bit before answering, obviously contemplating whether or not she should tell me. 
"Fine! I came from the Silver Fire pack... happy now" she snapped and quickened her pase. I stopped dead in my tracks and whipped my head up to face hers "your from the Silver Fire pack" i said my eyes searched her neck looking for her mate mark, but i couldn't find one. She had to be lying, everyone in that pack was mated.
"You can't be, everyone in that pack is mated, but your not" i said lifting my gaze to look at her face.
"It's to early for you to know the answer to that" she said before yawning. She turned away and looked at her watch and walked over to a tree and lay down. I watched hef confused as to what she was doing and then realized she was going to sleep.


I watched her as she slept, i was tired but i felt the need to watch for any impending danger. I sat down a small distance from her, i felt the need to be close, i wanted to hold her in my arms as she slept, but i didn't want to make her scared or angry. I wanted her to be happy. I want to be the one to make her happy.

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