Lost Dreams (Diegosaurs FanFiction)

Sirena is new to Miami High. What will happen when sirena gets to the new school? Who will she meet on her first day??


1. New Town New School

                     Hello I'm new and my name is Sirena Wilkinson. I grew up in Colorado and I've moved to several different places before I moved to my new town of Miami. I first moved to Ohio, then to Maine, then to New Jersey, then to New York and now I'm staying in Miami I hope. I want to stay here I love the weather and I love all of the things that I can do here. I wish that I could've moved here sooner. I'm 18 now almost 19. school is not over yet. Because this school year doesn't end until June 29th. It only the middle of April. I hope that I can make new friends before the school year ends. Anyways today I'm not going to school yet. I have to help my mom unpack today and tomorrow. I am only living with my mom and my 2 sisters. My one sister loves the country. My other sister love to go to the beach and shop and everything. But, I'm the only one that is technically emo as people say. I love to watch You tubers and listen to screamo music and heavy metal. But I do love Justin Bieber I know that I'm a emo girl that loves dressing in all black and all of that but I do have colors that I wear with my outfits.



                      I need to just find some friends. I only have one friend that I know here and he is a popular person in Miami High. I cant understand how we became friends. But, I cant wait to see him in person. I've met him once in 2013. It's been about 3 years now. I just want to see him again and be happy to have at least one friend I know knows me as much as I love him and know him for a long time. we were in an online relationship for the longest time. But, I just want to be able to see him and understand all of him and all of his popularity information as I would say. But I have this outfit picked out for my first day of school and I just can't wait to be able to have him in my sight even though he wont recognize me because its been 3 years already. I wish that I could tell him I'm here. but I cant tell him yet. I need to figure out how to explain to him why I'm here and that I have to tell him a lot of things from over the past 3 years that we haven't seen each other. But I need to figure out where to meet up and what to do or say to him. I'm so scared.



*25 minutes into unpacking I get my bed into my room.*


My room is the master bedroom because my mom wanted her youngest daughter to have the biggest room and have a good sized room since I have a lot of clothes. I have my ordinary clothes for everyday and then I have my girly clothes that I will wear for specific days for specific people. Anyways I love to have good days and bad days for most of the time. I have a good sense of humor.


Well I mean this is my room:

My bed:



part of my closet:



other part of my closet:



part 3 of my closet:



bathroom section:



Last part of my room:



That's almost my whole room the last part of it is this:

My Attic Hang Out Room after I decorated it:




I just hope that I have friends to hang out in there with very soon!!\








What will happen when we start unpacking everything tomorrow for the new house??




Will I tell the only friend I know and have in this town that I'm living here now??





What will happen??






Let's find out next 2 chapters!! (the rest of the book to find out even more LOL)

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