Lost Dreams (Diegosaurs FanFiction)

Sirena is new to Miami High. What will happen when sirena gets to the new school? Who will she meet on her first day??


4. My Mom's Thoughts

             "Hey mom. Do you remember him?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen with Diego.


             "I'm sorry sweetheart but what's his name I know his face but I don't remember his name or that hair either." My mom said.


               "Hi it's Diego remember from three years ago. I had brown hair though!" Diego explained.


                "Oh my God Diego how have you been. Sirena always talks about you and she loves how you guys are always staying in touch with each other. She couldn't wait to tell you everything that she probably said to you already. She was really nervous to tell you that she moved here. I can say that because as we were talking all she kept saying was is he gonna hate me is he gonna think I moved here to stalk him and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!" My mom exclaimed looked at me and then stopped talking.


                   ''So do you need help with the kitchen me and Diego can do it just mark the cabinets where everything has to go and we will do it since everything for the kitchen is real heavy!!" I said even though was only 4 boxes.


                  "Ok I already marked where everything has to go so I'm going to go separate the boxes for your sisters so that they are ready for when they get home with groceries." My mom stated and walked away.


                  "Ok mom." I said.


                      Me and Diego than began to unwrap boxes of boxes and than we began to stay in the kitchen for only an hour because it takes my sisters an hour to shop without my mom anyways. So, we were done with all of the dishes and glasses in about 35 minutes because there was a lot. Then we took 15 minutes for pots and pans and containers took us 10 minutes. Then for the utensils it took us only 8 minutes since they just had to be thrown into draws and closed. Then with the decorations that we always put up. It took us about 15 minutes to put them up. then to dust the light and put it back together took us a laughter full of 10 minutes. For the whole kitchen it took us about an hour and a half. Then when we were done we brought all of my sisters stuff into their rooms. Then we went and brought the rest of my stuff to my room. I had to bring my bathroom stuff up that I forgot about. Then me and Diego began to do my room. I had a lot of room and a lot of stuff so I needed another person to help. So, first off we began with my gigantic bed and decided to put it together. I had dark purple sheets and dark purple pillow cases. Then I had some dark purple and some light purple throw pillows for show and for fun. I had some of my favorite pillows that I've had since forever. Then I got my comforter and I started to unroll it. Diego then instead of helping took my comforter and threw it up and it landed on top of us and we laughed and then he kissed me. I pushed him away playful and we put the comforter on my bed and we were done with me bed. Then it was time for the next part which was assembling my pictures on my wall above my bed. I have these amazing things that I took and made to put above my bed. These are pictures of me and my friends back where I use to live in a shape of a heart:





Now it was my bathrooms turn cause everything else is going to take me forever to do. So I start to take everything for my teeth out and began to assemble it in the cabinet in the bathroom. Just like this:



After that it was my makeup sections turn. I finished that in 10 minutes with Diego's help. Then I finished my hair section in 10 minutes to with Diego. Lastly my closets I put Diego in charge of shoes. He put high heels and girly shoes in one section. Than he put sneakers and boots and my other tomboy stuff in the other sections. Then I did my girly girl side of the closet in 15 minutes. Then I did my normal ordinary clothes side in 25 minutes. I had my closet done and it was amazingly awesome when I finished because, it looked neater than any of the other houses I had and other rooms I lived in. Diego was done before me though. So, he helped me with my lingerie and all he did was stare so I took that box and put everything the draws and then I put all of my jewelry away. And I was done with everything for today any ways. I was almost completely done. Since today was Friday Diego wanted to sleep over. He said to me that he wanted to ask my mom. So we kissed and then got off of my bed and we walked downstairs and went to my mom and said:


"Hey Sirena's mom. Can I ask you something?" Diego said.


"Yes anything Diego." My mom replied.


"First can I sleep over today since my mom thinks that your cat died and I told her that she just lost someone very special to her in her life and that you just moved here and your both very upset while unpacking? Please." Diego questioned.


"Yeah sure just make sure that you have clean clothes for tonight and for tomorrow." My mom answered.


"One more thing." Diego said. I didn't know what else he was going to ask her.


"Yeah." My mom turned and looked at me and Diego weirdly.


"I want to ask your daughter something but I want to make sure it's fine with you first before we officialize it." Diego said.


"Wait are you asking my daughter to be your girlfriend." My mom whispered in Diego's ear.


"Yes." He whispered back.


"Of course you can ask." My mom said.


"Sirena can I have the honor of you being my girlfriend?" Diego asked me again.


I started to cry but I had to because my mom didn't know that we were dating already.


"Yes Diego yes." I said and he grabbed my face and kissed me passionately.


We then went back upstairs to pretend to finish my room. But I did have one last thing to show Diego since I didn't want to pull it out before.


"Diego I  got something for you and something for me so that we match for the dance!!" I exclaimed and grabbed his hand.


"I didn't want us to look stupid so I got this instead. I mean I got it for just my birthday party but I guess we can wear it to the dance instead." I said then pulled them out.


I bought us matching bows. I had mine for my hair and his was his bow tie. I got him a more manly one and mine matched my dress.


Diego's Bow Tie:           



My Hair Bow:



They were cute I thought.


"I love them and it goes with my dark blue suit I have. Thank u babe!!" Diego explained.


"Ur welcome and look this is my dress." I said.


My dress:



"Oh My God Babe you're gonna be fucking rocking that at the dance." Diego said looking at my dress and me smiling.


"Can I see you're suit?" I asked. He than pulled out his phone and looked through his pictures and found it.


Diego's Suit:


"Damn Daddy you're gonna look smoking hotter than me actually!!" I exclaimed and then I was just dead.


"Oh and Sirena." Diego said.


"Yeah." I said.


"I'm dying my hair back to black/brown again cause I miss it." Diego said smiling.


"Really. Can we go to my uncle greg's salon here since he is amazing at doing it and the hair dye he uses is amazing. Please." I said with puppy dog eyes.


"Ok fine I was gonna do it myself but i'll let your uncle do it for you babe." Diego answered and attacked me with kissed.


"I love you!!" I smiled into the kiss and said.


"I love you to." Diego said as he kissed my neck and hit my sweet spot.





We were done saying I Love You. Then I heard the front door open and I got up grabbed Diego's hand and ran into my closet and just got my TV and set it up so that it looked like we were doing something. We finished that and then put my desk together.


It looked like this:



My chair:



I was already then I had to go downstairs and introduce Diego to my sisters. Only one of my sisters met him and have seen him on my computer and that is my sister I shared a room with for the longest time.







What will my sisters think of him?


What will they say?


What will they do to him?


What are my sisters gonna say or do to me and Diego??

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