Lost Dreams (Diegosaurs FanFiction)

Sirena is new to Miami High. What will happen when sirena gets to the new school? Who will she meet on her first day??


6. Concert/Hang Out Day with Andy

           It was 9:30 in the morning and I just woke up. I mean even though we didn't have to leave the house until 10:00 but still I have to find out what I am wearing for the day and the concert. I mean me and Diego are going to have similar things o but I still need to find my exact information for everything lol.


I decided to wear this with black combat boots:


Diego was wearing this minus the hat, extra sweatshirt, and sneakers are replaced with combat boots:



We were than laying down on my bed for about a good 1 hour!! I didn't want to get up at all!! Even though I had to if I wanted to meet Andy and see Andy. I mean I was comfortable and dint want to move but me and Diego were ready and I was nervous. I had to go and get my bag and then we were leaving. I was prepared to go and meet Andy now. I mean even when I met Diego I was so scared and nervous when we first met. But now I don't give a fuck about us cause I mean he's mine and I'm his. We know that we have each other and nobody is going to break us down. So, we than walked down the stairs to the car.


I got to the car and Diego opened the car door for me and then closed it and we got in and we left for the concert and meet and greet. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening. I was shaky but Diego put his hand on my leg and I calmed down. But when I get calm I want to *have his dick*. So I asked Diego if I could give him a blowjob. He answered me with:

"Later babe so that we can go all the way!!"

"Oh ok than." I said and just leaned towards him and he put his arm around me and the other hand was on the wheel. I was so happy to have Diego as mine. I just can't believe it that I'm actually with him and I don't have to hide him anymore and act like he's not actually here and he's in the hospital. I had to do that with my friends because, they wanted to meet him. But, I decided to have my best friends know the truth.


"Diego I'm scared!" I exclaimed as we approached the venue to meet Andy at.

"Babe it's going to be fine. It's just me you and Andy nobody else." Diego said and kissed me.

"Ok." I said and held onto his had as tight as I could. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening right now. I've loved Andy for so long and now I'm finally meeting him. I am speechless.


We then saw Andy sitting by himself on his phone with 3 security guards blocking the area he's sitting at. I was cared to meet him and I was all shaky and I just couldn't believe my eyes.  Then we walked up to Andy's table and I just smiled like an idiot and then he noticed us and I just wanted to die. All he said was

"You must be Sirena and Diego."

"Yep we are and you must be Andy." Diego laughed.

We then sat down and we talked. We first talked about music.

"What's it like writing and singing your own music?" I asked.

"It's actually really cool I miss the boys but I see them when I can and we talk but black veil brides army is still strong." Andy explained.

"Is it easy on you're own or with your band mates is it easier?' Diego questioned.

"Either way it was easy." Andy said.

We talked for another 25 minutes. Then we took pictures. I wanted to just hug Andy and then we got in our car and we were getting ready to go to the concert arena and I was so prepared cause Andy said he was gonna bring us onto the stage and let us so g with him and some people say I'm a good singer and Diego is really good. So I'm kinds really fucking excited.

What will happen at the concert?


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