Silverchair - Ziall

C'mon, abuse me more I like it....

C'mon keep talking 'cause it's true....

Niall grew up different. He was often given names like a freak or a psycho for his obsession with things like pain and gore.

He wasn't like the other kids, he loved getting hurt.

Niall never understood his obsession with pain, he liked to hurt himself with lighters and ropes. He'd wrap a rope around his arm so tight it would almost cut off the circulation, he'd burn the top of a lighter into his arm and when he was bored he'd scratch his leg till it was bleeding.

He always felt like the odd one out, until he met somebody new. Somebody who felt differently towards Niall than everybody else.

And once he found out about Niall's fascination and odd habits that boy felt something that you could only explain as excitement

WARNING: contains violence, BDSM, and sexual scenes or references


5. 05

During lunch, I went to the toilet. I did my business and lifted up my top, noticing the deep scratches he'd left behind. I smiled a little and then looked at the red teeth marks

That had been so hot this morning. I'd enjoyed it a lot. I wonder if he'll do it again.

I shivered as his words went through my head

"God pet, such a slut for my touch"

That had turned me on as well. I washed my hands and went downstairs. Zayn didn't have a shirt on, but I didn't mind at all.

"What took so long?" He asked

"Nothing" I tried to hide my smile

"I'm sorry for forcing myself onto you earlier" he frowned

"No, it's okay" I told him softly "I liked it"

He smiled "I liked it too"

He stood up and kissed my head

"We're still friends right?" He asked

My smile faltered. Just friends? Even after that kiss and that touching?

"Um... Yeah" I said quietly, disappointed

"You okay?" I nodded

"um... Are we gonna keep doing that kind of stuff?"

He nodded "why?"

"And we're going to be just friends" I stated, feeling a little hurt

"Well we hardly know each other"

But we still... He still deliberately turned me on and touched me to make me feel good. Friends don't do that.

"Okay" I nodded

I sat back down next to him, he offered me one of his shrimps which I happily popped in my mouth

Zayn was acting as though what had happened mere minutes ago hadn't. It was like we were still friends from school, it was... Odd

I ignored it, and continued to eat up the Chinese food.

I kept glancing at Zayn, but he never really glanced back.

He said yesterday and today that he liked me. Did he mean as a friend? Because if he did he gave me the wrong message.

Maybe I will stay alone afterall.

"Do you... Have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?" I asked, wondering

"No, why?"

"I was just curious"

"You wanna be my boyfriend?" He smiled with the question

"Oh I..." I looked at my shoes "I dunno"

He nodded and continued to eat. Once we were done we went back up to his room

"Did you bring a bag?" He asked

"No, what do I need a bag for?"

"To sleep over"

"You want me to sleep over?"

He nodded

"I'll call my mom later and ask if I can" I explained

We sat back down on the bed and Zayn turned on the TV, propping up the pillows.

We both got on and sat up as Zayn put on a recorded movie called Lucy, then he put an arm around me and pulled me to lean against him

I couldn't help but smile softly, I liked being close to him.

Halfway through the movie we laid down, Zayn and I cuddled. I wasn't really watching the screen, I was too busy nuzzling myself into his bare chest.

He had a nice strong hold, his body was warm and his skin was smooth. And he had nice thick hands that sat on my back and my arse

I looked up at Zayn eventually, and he looked down with a cheeky smile. I blushed as I felt his hand squeeze my bum, and he chuckled

I blushed harder, and Zayn pulled me up next to him, pulling at my hair hard. I winced, but that's it and his smile was gone. He pulled it harder, and harder, just until my eyes were watering.

He gripped my hand in his, binding our fingers as he leant in. His grip was so tight that he was crushing my hand, but I liked it.

He got on top of me, kissing me still

How can he expect us to be friends when he just does this? Friends don't do this... Boyfriends do.

Zayn began to remove my clothes till I was just in my underwear, biting my skin and leaving deep scratches like earlier

"Do you want to feel good?" Zayn muttered

I just moaned in response as he cupped my boner through my boxers.

He gripped my ankles and crossed them, rolling me on my stomach. He put me onto my hands and knees, and he carelessly forced my face down into the mattress and arched my back forwards.

"Zayn I-"

"I'm not going to have sex with you" he mumbled "don't worry"

I lay still, feeling his fingers graze up my thighs.

"Are you clean?" He asked me

"What does that mean?"

"Don't worry"

He began to pull down my boxers and left me naked with my ass in the air. I began to feel self conscious. I didn't even shave down there because nobody liked me so no point.

I could just see Zayn had a look of disgust on his face, seeing the dark curls between my legs.


I felt his weight leave the bed, but he soon got back on after opening up a drawer.

I didn't want to do this anymore... I... I wanted to at least have shaved or something. I just wouldn't have expected Zayn to try be intimate with me

While I was worrying I felt a finger push in me. I gasped in shock, feeling it pump in and out of me. Another went in, and they both pumped into me.

What is this? What's he doing?

I felt uncomfortable and good at the same time. His spare hand gripped my cock, and I instantly hardened at his touch, moaning into the sheets

I felt his teeth sink into the flesh of my backside, and I moaned again, his hand beginning to pump up and down my shaft.

He bit me all over my bum and hard, sinking in his teeth and then closing his mouth against the skin


His spare hand continued to pump 2 fingers in and out of me. They curled and I felt him make a 'come here' gestured with his fingers.

He hit something inside of me doing that which made me groan. He continued to stroke whatever it was, never stopping his hand at the front either.

He licked up between my thighs before biting them again

I felt so good and sore, but I liked it and every bite made it harder and harder for me not to cum.

After another bite on my hip, I came all over the bed.

I moaned out, and sighed in pleasure... That felt really good.

I felt a sharp hit on my backside. And I mean a hard sharp hit

"What was that for?" I snapped

"I didn't say you could cum"


"Where else am I-"

"Hold it"

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