Mystery of candy corridor Chapter 4: Poppy's gone...

Rosie ran out of the candy cane forest she turned back and silence... not knowing what terrible fate poppy had met


1. Poppys gone...

Poppy slowly sinking into the pit of poisoned spikes screaming in terror after 5 minutes of screaming sudden silence... after poppy screaming rosie ran into the meadows and seen blood and body parts everywhere in the poisones spikes rosie was horrified she knelt down crying bitter tears 

"Candy queen why did you do this" she screamed she was interupted by the floor and the scenery she got up and she took a step back everything was turning black this is not nice the candy exterior was just a trap the real colours of this sick and twisted world was showing 

Rosie ran out of the candy cane forest turning from a sweet appealing colour to a dull and lifeless grey she ran up the path to the candy castle which was also turning into lifeless colours the candy queen was in her room looking through this magic globe but she looked...different she was wearing black and gray her hair had turned grey she had a long spiked black collar and black ripped dress

"Well well well if it isn't little rosie" she said examining her outfit covered in scratches

"Why did you kill poppy" rosie said tears running down her face.

"Well she was getting in my way and obviously you were holding her back she didn't trip.."lizzie said showing rosie and voodoo doll that looked exactly like poppy hair clip outfit and all with crossed put eyes 

I made her fall with all I need to do is get you and I'll take over the school. I was banished here by the head of the school for using magic." Lizzie said grabbing a magical gobstopper flower a black and white candy cane and a black and neon green marshmallow out of a cupoard..

"What are you gonna do with those" rosie said stepping back ready to run" 

"You will see the whole school will see just you wait" 

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