Magnus's Daughter

"Just go through the portal, sweetheart." father said. I nodded and ran down the long corridor to the portal. A blue light hitting my head and taking what I needed most. My memories.

But Kylie Bane doesn't need her memories, does she?

(Based off Tv Show on "FreeForm")

(Some Malec is noticeable)


6. Sparkly Crowns

"Rebecca wanted to grab this and run for it so bad. The second your father brought it in, she was drawn to it." Raphael said. We were at the bottom of the stairs that led to the basement. He opened the door and walked on in. He motioned for me to follow him. In the middle of the room was a table. On top sat a very big crown.

"Wow." was all I said. He grabbed the crown and placed it on my head.

"A perfect crown for a perfect princess." I blushed really hard and smiled.

"Princess? Really, Raphael?" I asked.

"What? I thought- I mean- I.." He just looked at the ground. I put a finger under his chin and forced him to look up. He looked right into my eyes.

"Kylie, has anyone every told you that you have the most beautiful cat eyes. The perks of being a warlock, I guess." he said. He put one hand on my waist and the other on my cheek. I can't take it anymore. I threw my arms around his neck and did exactly what you think. I know he's a vampire who is probably as old as well I don't know. The kiss was just amazing. I felt thousands of fireworks. I knew he felt them too. He smiled the whole time during the kiss. I pulled back and smiled.

"Raphael, do you ever shut up? It's my birthday." I said. He laughed.

"Well Happy Birthday. And before I forget, here's your next note." he handed me the note. I tore it open really fast.

My dearest Kylie,

I know you really liked that crown and I also know you were glad to see Raphael even if you didn't know it. Oh and Luke might be looking for you.

Your Father

I kissed Raphael on the cheek and left.



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