In another world

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  • Published: 24 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jun 2016
  • Status: Complete
ODINSBARN-konkurrence; mulighed 1.
One day, a girl wakes up in another world. she can't remember anything about herself, except the fact that she is a human. unfortunately for her, the people in this world doesn't like humans. they despise them. Will she survive and understand what is happening in the worlds?


3. 3.

She almost thought that she didn’t know the answer to the question, but then she realized that she surprisingly did know. “I am a human”. The people changed their expressions yet again, but this time the girl was scared of them. They all looked at her, either with disgust or hate. The small fear and the curiosity was gone.

The girl couldn’t understand why they hated her. Did she say something stupid? She didn’t think so, but she wasn’t sure. After all, she didn’t know anything. She couldn’t remember.
she looked at their faces. They had lost all traces of emotions except hate. Even the mayor just stood and looked at her with disgust.

A man suddenly spoke up.” What are we going to do with her?”. The question really startled the girl and she got a little frightened. The people thought about it, and then it came like a storm. Everyone around her began yelling out their answer. They were quite loud, but the girl could just barely manage to make out what they said. Kill her! Lock her up in the prison! Starve her to death! Drown her!

It was terrible. She put up her hands to her ears, to block out the voices. She didn’t understand them. How could they bring out so much malice? She hadn’t even done anything! She closed her eyes and sat still, wishing that she would just disappear.

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