In another world

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  • Published: 24 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jun 2016
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ODINSBARN-konkurrence; mulighed 1.
One day, a girl wakes up in another world. she can't remember anything about herself, except the fact that she is a human. unfortunately for her, the people in this world doesn't like humans. they despise them. Will she survive and understand what is happening in the worlds?


1. 1.

The mayor was sitting under the villages big tree and staring at the big blue sky, when a woman came running at him. He could see that she also was from the village, because of her blue skin and the special markings on it that symbolized the village. He recognized her as the harbor master’s wife.  The mayor could then see in the woman’s expression that something was wrong. He stood up fast, and called out to her.” What’s wrong? Why the hurry?”. She had finally reached the mayor and was catching her breath. When she had gotten her breath under control, she began speaking.

It took them about 10 minutes to reach the harbor. The park in which the mayor had sat, was in the other end of the village, so it had taken some time to reach the sea. On the harbor there was some ruckus, as a big group of people was standing around something that the mayor couldn’t see. They had all blue skin, as everyone else in their village.

The harbor master’s wife made way for the mayor so that he could get into the circle of people. What the mayor saw was disturbing, even though the woman had already explained what was awaiting him. It was something that he had once seen before, or rather someone. It was a girl, but she wasn’t blue.

The mayor had only once seen people that weren’t blue. He had often seen people who was light or dark blue, depending on where they came from. Even though he wasn’t sure about what she was, he got his suspicions. He had heard about them. How they tormented the people, and abducted some into their own world. Raided and burned down villages without batting an eye. They were evil beings that only brought destruction and despair with them. He had also later met them himself. These beings called humans

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