Fandom oneshots

Literally just a crap ton of fandom one shots
The fandoms I write are

Harry potter
Lost and found music studios
Doctor who
Maze runner
Teen wolf


1. Muggleborn (George weasley x reader)

Requested: no

warnings: none

description: (y/n) is a muggleborn who knows quite a lot about muggle culture. She is helping Arthur Weasley find out more about muggles.


"ah, miss (y/l/n), very glad to see you!" Grinned your boss, mr Arthur weasley.

"wouldn't have missed it for the world." You replied, smiling sweetly.  You sat down opposite Arthur  and reached into your purse. You pulled out a small yellow rubber duck.

"what the hell is that?" You heard an unfamiliar voice say. You turned around and saw two boys, twins, with shocking ginger hair and grins plastered on their faces. One of them winked at you. You blushed and turned away

"Ah, boys, just who I wanted to see." Said Arthur, getting up from his chair.

"(y/n), these are two of my sons, Fred and George." He said, motioning to the boys.

"(y/n)... That's a pretty name" smiled the first boy, fred, you think.

"a pretty name for an equally pretty girl." Grinned George, the boy who had winked at you earlier on.

"well, boys, it's been nice to meet you, but I have to help your father with his work." You said, in your (y/h/t) accent.

"can I see you later?" George asked. You kissed him on the cheek and nodded yes.

this job just got a whole lot better.


AUTHORS NOTE: hello! I hope you enjoyed my shitty writing! Here is the code breaker for the words I used:

(y/n): your name

(y/l/n): your last name

(y/h/t): your home town

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