Unbelieveably Heaven *DeanWinchester*

Athena is the Ghostfacers intern who also just so happens to be Gods first kid?


1. Her Story From Heaven

Athena's P.O.V

" Hey Ed, Harry, do you thi- oh other people are here. "  I nervously laughed.
" Don't worry Athena they were just leaving. "  Ed responded.
" We actually weren't but you guys were. " Dean said..
" Well not to barge into your guy's stupid bickering but, we were here first so. " I said stating the facts of the situation.
" Well sorry to burst your bubbles babe but we are the pro's here. " Dean answered once again.
" Well Sir, At least I have never so-  Ed, Harry we have to go. "  Ed and Harry didn't budge.
" Now! "  I screamed very high pitched shattering the windows of the place we were in.
    Ed and Harry rushed out behind me not hestitating once they saw my power was unleashed.  
" Sam what was that? "  I heard Dean shout from a distance behind us.
    We all piled into the van and drove off to the motel we were staying at, not for long though.

Dean's P.O.V

" Come on we have to follow them! " I shouted at Sam.
    We both ran to Baby and hopped in.  I immediately started to drive after their van with the stupid Ghostfacers logo on the side of it.
" Dean we don't even know what she is don't you think we should do research first before we try to attack her or at least figure more stuff out about her. "  Sam told.
    Sam was right, very right, but we have never run into things like this before so why would it even matter.
" Sammy we have faced pretty much all of the most common monsters there is and this one probably hasn't been wroten about yet so lets just go and try everything on this son of a bitch. "  I said gradually getting louder.
" Alright fine but we have to get her to talk first. "
" Fine. "
*5 minutes later*
 In these 5 minutes basically what happened was Dean and Sam barging into Ed and Harry's apartment and then noticing that the 'thing' they were looking for wasn't there.  Soon after their realization Athena walked in and knocked them out from behind and tied them to a chair.  The Winchesters just woke up.

Athena's P.O.V

" Finally its been a while, well only 4 minutes but that's still a long time. "  Ed stated.
" What the hell is that thing?! "  Dean yelled.
" This 'thing' is Athena aka me aka a- well that would spoil all the fun if I told you that.  but I am somewhat human just with.... powers! "  I retorted back quickly.
" How about this un tie us and we will give you any information about us you want. "  Sam attempted to persuade me.
" Sorry Sam but I already know everything about the Winchesters. " I smiled grimly.
" But ho- "  Dean sprang at me in mid sentence but me knowing them so well I saw that coming so with a flick of my finger I sent him flying back into his chair against his own will.
" Wow you guys really haven't heard of me? "  The two suddenly looked confused.  All of a sudden Castiel appeared.
    Castiel attempted to throw me off balance but I sent him also flying into another chair beside the two.
" Oh my god Athena we didn't agree to this! " Harry shouted.
" Hush! "  I sent Harry and Ed into a deep sleep so they wouldn't know too much.
" Please you can't do this. "  Castiel pleaded.
" Trust me brother I won't do any harm to your pets they are quite attractive. "  Dean smirked.
" Please Dean don't flatter yourself I know how many woman you have slept with and can I say it's entirely a small number. "  Dean lost his smirk and turned into an expression of anger.
" Just tell us who you truly are. "  Sam spoke.
" Yes because I haven't seen you anywhere in Heaven. "  Cas stated.
" Well that's right on every level.  Castiel you are a very young yet old angel but the only angel's who would be able to remember me would be good old Mikey and Lucy.  I am their older and wiser sister.  Father trusted me very much so he decided that instead of having me be a archangel with my younger brothers
he sent me down to Earth to watch one specific blood line.  That was the Winchester's blood line.  My duty was to make sure the Winchester's always reproduced more Winchesters so that we could get these two lucky boys here. "  I walked up to Dean and Sam and squeezed their cheeks with my hands.  
" See boys, I have been watching every single Winchester there has ever been including you two.  and that is how I know all my information.  You know you two almost killed me once.  It wasn't nice. "  
" I wish we had. "  Sam spoke up.
" Well Sammy here is the thing, I can't be killed I am to powerful, half angel, half demon. "  
" No this can't be true only God can live forever everything else can be killed it may be tough but you can still kill the 'bitch'. "  Castiel said.
" Aw but you see Cas, I have God flowing through my own little personal vessel that I have used this whole time I have been on this planet. "  I smirked sitting down on the bed.
" But how did you become demonic and stay angelic. "  Sam questioned.
" Well after Lucy created Hell I went to go visit him but him being an ignorant child changed me into a demon for being so cooperative with Father's plans.  Soon after being a demon for a while Dad finally found out and descened down onto Earth to find me, he found me and gave some of his blood to attempt to change me into
a full angel once again but soon realized if he were to change me back into an angel he would soon lose me to someone who would want to kill me.  So to make me impossible to kill me, he gave me some of his blood but not too much to change me back into an angel/another god aka a goddess. "  
" Wow that was a lot of talking. "  Dean stated.
" Yes it was. "  Cas agreed.
" Well since we can't kill you can you let us go. "  Sammy said wiggling in his chair.
" Sure. "

*That was 6 months earlier*
In those 6 months the Winchesters worked with Athena and soon trusted her and now they are introducing her to the bunker.

Athena's P.O.V

" Wow you guys are taking me to your place this friendship must be getting serious! "  I said grabbing my bags from the back.
" Well you are family now. "  Sam said.
" In a way.. "  Dean said nervously.  Sam rolled his eyes. Weird.
    We walked to the door and Dean pulled out the key and unlocked the door.
" Oh. My. Father. "  I heard a slight giggle come from Dean. 
    I nudged Dean in the arm.
" What are you laughing at Sir.  The last thing I saw that was this big was Heaven itself which I haven't seen since the first Winchester! "
" Do you know how creepy that sounded. "  Sam said.
" Sh I'm having a moment. "
" Oh no not one of your moments. "  Sam and Dean both groaned.
" Look at this place! "  I ran down the stairs and into what looked like the library.
" Ttttthisssss placeeee is huggggggggggge! " I sang loudly.
    I ran down the corridors and into what seemed to be Sam's room where I found porn on the TV.
" Um Sam you forgot to turn off something... "  I slowly walked out the door while Sam ran towards his room.
" Pfft that wasn't porn it was just... yea it was porn I'm not gonna even try. "  Sam said defeated.
" Sam stop trying to corrupt my precious demonic ang- I mean OUR precious demonic angel. "  Dean nervously said facing me.


This was almost like a starter 'chapter' the next chapter will be longer and be more detailed.  Hopefully....

~ Sammy R.

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