"I can't stand people, sometimes." I looked at Ashton, weirdly. He is not the type to just be negative towards people. "Why do you say that? Is someone bothering you?" I asked, worried that people are messing with him. Even if they were, he would not tell me. He knows I will beat the shit out of them. "I mean they call me names for being gay and all that stuff, but I don't like that your name is always in their mouths." I smiled and shrugged. "You know how judgemental people can be. I've grown used to it. You could say I'm... Immune." He raised an eyebrow at me, questioningly. "Everything is a-okay in Luke town." But, if only Ash knew how much of lie that really is.


4. Chapter Three...


Calum's P.O.V

"Lovebug, he didn't mean it. You know he loves you." I said to Ashton so he could calm down. "I should have at least told him without saying it was about him. I feel like he hates me." Ash responded. "No Sweetie, he is just mad that he wasn't included in the cause of your sadness, is all." Mikey said, smiling sympathetically at the small boy. He still kept crying. He yawn a bit. I figured he was tired.

"Come on Lovebug, let's get you in bed. You seem tired." I said to Ashton. He nodded with tears in his hazel eyes. I brought him up the stairs, slowly since the boy was tired after all. I opened the door, letting him in. He took off his shoes and got into the bed. "I'll tell him to come up here when he gets here. Okay?" He nodded tiredly before tugging the duvet above his small body. I smiled at him before shutting off the lights and getting out of the room.

I walked down the stairs and sat down on the couch. I sighed, frustrated from the whole situation. Mikey walked over to me, placing a soft and gentle kiss on my lips. He sat next to me pulling me into his chest. "When will Luke realize how much Ashton loves him?" I said snuggling into Mikey's chest. "I don't know, baby... I don't know." He said with a sigh. I heard a knock on the door. Knowing it was Luke I said for him to come in. I gasped at the view in front of me.


Luke's P.O.V

I walked into the convenience store to grab another pack of cigarettes, since I was running low on them. I asked for the usual and walked out of the store after paying. I heard laughter in the parking lot. I turned my head to see Josh with his friend, Steven. I rolled my eyes as I kept walking. "Why are you rolling your eyes for, emo  boy?" Josh said.

 I ignored and kept walking. I was doing pretty good at ignoring until a comment slipped that I did NOT like very much. "It's so weird to see you out and about without that girly gay friend of yours. I mean he is probably some where sucking a dick. Right Luke?" I turned around in a flash, with an angry expression. Steven quickly stopped laughing.

"Yo Josh, you really should stop..." Steven said scared of what I might do. I just walked toward them without any threat what so ever. "Or what?" Josh said chuckling. "You really should listen to your buddy, Josh. He wouldn't want to see you get hurt." Josh just smirked. "Oh come on! because I'm making fun of your faggot of a friend. Get over yourself." He exclaimed. I felt my blood boil. "Oh come on, Josh! you should know better than that. unless you want me to give you the same beating that I gave you the last time you said a comment like that." I said with a blank expression on my face.

"I have learned a few tricks since then Hemmings." Josh said, confidently. I just swung my fist at his face. He tumbled a bit back before trying to swing at me. I dodged and punched him in the gut. he grabbed his stomach with a grunt. I took that opportunity to knee him in the face. He brought his hands to his nose, his hands full of blood. I grabbed his collar  and pushed him to the floor. I punched his jaw and face in general multiple times.

He swung once and hit my jaw. It was enough to bruise, but I was so controlled by the adrenaline pumping through my veins to care. He punched me once more in the cheek this time, but I kept punching. I finally stopped and got up. "Never mess with Ashton again. Understood?" I said. He looked at me grabbing his face in pain. "I said understood." I reiterated. He nodded. I looked over at Steven who was taken a back by my actions and attitude.

He was kind of new and he had never seen me fight. He has only heard the stories. "The rumors are true. you are a 'bad boy'." Steven said in shock. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. I pulled out my phone to look at my face. I had a forming bruise on my jaw and cheek. It was a pretty big bruise. I sighed, knowing Ash was going to get mad at me for fighting again. He hated seeing me or hearing that I fought. I smiled at the memory of him giving a speech about why I shouldn't be fighting.

I kept walking down the road seeing Calum's house in view. I was getting prepared for a very sad Ash and Angry Cal. I knocked, hearing a small 'Come in, Luke.' Once I opened the door, I saw Mikey's jaw pop open. "Omg! What happened to you?" Cal asked walking over to me in a rush. "I got into a fight." I said. He crossed his arms over his chest, reminding me of Ash, when he did the same. "First of all, Who? Second of all, why?" Calum asked. I rolled my eyes at his sass.

"It was with Josh because he was talking about Ash." I said, sighing at the situation. "Ashton is going to get upset with you." Mikey commented. I nodded. "I know" I replied. "Talking about Ash, where is he?" I added. Calum pointed upstairs. "I think he might be asleep. Want to crash here? You can sleep with Ashton." Cal suggested. I nodded walking up the stairs. I opened the door, taking off my shirt and shoes. I heard small and rhythmical snores coming from under the duvet.

I smiled softly, moving towards the bed. I got under the said duvet and brought Ash close. He grumbled in his sleep, but settled his head on my bare chest. He smiled in his sleep, which made me smile in return. I massaged his scalp, watching him melt into my touch. He sighed in his sleep. I kissed the top of his head slowly so he wouldn't awake from his slumber. "I love you Ashy." I whispered and wrapped my arm around him as sleep over powered me as well.      

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