Crazy Beautiful


I never thought I'd fall someone like her I was a football player everybody loved me I was dating the hottest girl but with only one day with her I knew she was going to be mine willing or not.


I hated him, he was arrogant always rubbing what he had in my face. No I wasn't popular but I am not some low life scum I mean I am fantastic. But after one day of forced companionship he thinks I'm his, But I wont go down without a fight.


3. Him:

I went through the whole day thinking about her, her body, the creamy softness of her skin, under all those baggy clothes she had a ripe little body, just thinking about it caused me to grow rock hard. With only 5 minutes left before I could go hunt her down I fantasized about what all I was going to do her.

"Hmm, is this for me," Macy purred rubbing her hands down my dick.

"Not in the least babycakes," I said smirking.

She wasn't happy about that, her face loosing her smile to be quickly replaced with a bitter pinched expression, "Excuse me."

Glaring at her with equal anger I forced a smile and pulled her onto my desk, "Nothing babe, how was your day."

And like that she was off her early jealousy forgotten as she went on and on about cheerleading and other drama. I hadn't realized I dazed off again until smacked me.

"Seriously Jamie were you even listening to me," her face braking out into her signature pout.

"No I'm sorry I was thinking, what did you say?"

"I said I'm coming over after school right, I missed this body," she cooed, her manicured hand trailing down my chest.

Standing up I smiled, "No can do sweets I have plans, maybe another time."

Once again her face twisted up and she quickly got up in my face, "Listen here honey, you go ahead and fuck whatever little whore your taking home tonight but understand your mine and I do not share."

Popping her gum in my face she whirled around and sauntered off an extra sway to her hips. Rolling my eyes I grabbed my shit and jogged outside right onto the bus, where my sweet little thing would be hiding. Quickly spotting her flaming hair I walked towards her, grinning at all the stunned looks. Now most people would be worried about their reputations being seen with a nerd, but for one shes a sexy one and also everyone already knew I was a whore and I'd happily fuck anything with a skirt. When she caught sight of me she squeaked and ducked down hiding behind a weakling of a boy, a boy with the same red hair, her brother. Stopping by her seat I leaned forward and jerked the headphones from the boys ears. The boy whipped around probably about to go off bt the minute he caught sight of me his entire face froze. 

"Move" was all I had to say and the boy was scurrying away.

"Ugh Josh, seriously," she hissed.

"Sorry scar, yelled the boy who had ran to the very back.

Leaning down to where we were face to face, "Now little mouse you are either gonna follow me off this bus or I throw you over my shoulder, ladies choice."

I watched in fascination as her face went blood red, her teeth bared at me," you wouldn't dare"

"oh but I would," I whispered, letting my eyes wonder down her body.

"Screw you," she hissed.

I heard the gasps from the rest of the students and I narrowed my eyes, " wel thee lady has decided.

Before she could say a thing I grabbed her light form and tossed her over my shoulder and started making my way off the bus.

"Oh put me down shrek," she screamed, " what are you a freaking caveman."

Smiling at the bus driver I gave him a salute as I exited the bus and made my way to my ride. She literally screamed the entire way, smacking my back over and over again then I felt a piercing pain and jumped. The little witch had just bit my ass. Swatting her backside hard enough to sting she shrieked in outrage and I couldn't stop the laughter that bubbled up. Without hesitating I tossed her into the passenger seat and leaned down.

"I recommend you don't run because I will catch you,I do love a little game of cat and mouse."



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