Crazy Beautiful


I never thought I'd fall someone like her I was a football player everybody loved me I was dating the hottest girl but with only one day with her I knew she was going to be mine willing or not.


I hated him, he was arrogant always rubbing what he had in my face. No I wasn't popular but I am not some low life scum I mean I am fantastic. But after one day of forced companionship he thinks I'm his, But I wont go down without a fight.


1. Him:

Feeling extremely sure of myself I sauntered of the stairs ecstatic to once again be surrounded by my worshipers. Already nerds wee backing up, eyes turned to the floor, while my fellow jocks shot me high fives. No one could deny I ruled this damn school just like I will one day rule my fathers company. I was born in greatness and I fucking rocked it. Jogging over to my best friend Matt I thumped him hard on the back.

"What's up man," I said grinning.

"Jaime, bro you look great, whatcha you do at the beach work out everyday?"

Grinning my mega watt smile I winked sarcastically," among other things."

Matts eyes grew large, "dude, better hope Macy don't find out she tear you a new one." 

I sneered, like my bitch of girlfriend didn't whore herself for every guy on that stupid cruise she went on. Speaking of girlfriend mine was currently charging for me. Her recently bleached teeth shinning in what could only be classified in the scariest smile I'd ever seen. But man for all this crazy girls faults her body sure as hell made up for it. Every inch of her body was fake but man was it perfection.

"Jaime baby I missed you," she shrieked.

She immediately jumped up into my arms her thin legs wrapping around my hips. Letting her kiss me all over the face, knowing that I would be covered in red lipstick, I let my hands drop to her ass and gave a healthy squeeze. Giggling like a hyena She kissed me one last time before jumping down, almost immediately reapplying her make up. Rolling my eyes I turned back to Matt, "seen any hot freshman's yet, I'm thinking I need to find me a less used girl, nothing sexier then a little innocent beauty."

Matt cracked up while Macy smacked me across the chest, her eyes spitting poison at me. Sighing inwardly I threw an arm around her shoulders. Even though we used each other for the popularity and the sex Macy still got a little bitter wen I showed interest in other girls. Not that she gave a fuck, but if she was around all attention had to be on her.

"Well man, the freshman's should be coming in any minute now"

Leaning back against the railing I let myself watch the bus role up, carrying a whole group of fresh meat. Then the bus was here and as the doors opened a whole group of them just started pouring out, all their faces clearily showing their fear. I picked out a few girls that would probably earn a second look, but I also pointed out a group of fresh nerds. All of them stayed close, keeping to their little circle. There was exactly 5 of them 4 guys and one girl. The girl definitely earned a double take and not because of her looks which by the way weren't bad but it was her appearance. she had flaming red hair that was a mass down her back, glasses bigger than her face. her uniform was also haphazard, her shirt was buttoned wrong her neck tie dangling in a awful knot. the worst though was her skirt. I didn't fit right so every quick movement revealed white cotton panties and had her constantly yanking it back up. She was not in the least my type but I found myself intrigued. She was kind of cute, quickly shaking my head to rid myself of the unwanted thoughts. I turned to Matt who was currently ogling a cute little blonde that flounced by us, floral perfume so strong it burned my nose. Oh yea that would be the next Macy, and by looking at her I knew Macy felt the same way.

"Babe I will see you at lunch, okay love ya," with that she and her group of minions set off for the poor girl.

Matt winced, his eyes holding sympathy, "poor kid after Macy's done that girl will be lucky to even be able to eat lunch in the bathroom."

Nodding to myself I quickly walked to my next class not allowing myself to look back at the strange little girl. But something told me she was about to be my new toy.

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