Crazy Beautiful


I never thought I'd fall someone like her I was a football player everybody loved me I was dating the hottest girl but with only one day with her I knew she was going to be mine willing or not.


I hated him, he was arrogant always rubbing what he had in my face. No I wasn't popular but I am not some low life scum I mean I am fantastic. But after one day of forced companionship he thinks I'm his, But I wont go down without a fight.


2. Her:

I quickly followed behind my brother and his little group of friends, tripping with almost every step. Silently cursing for the hand me downs of my sisters I quickly gave another yank of my skirt. My face burning the whole way, as soon as I could I escaped my brother and his video game talk and basically ran for the library. That was my first class, study period. Ignoring the whispers going on around me I threw my shoulders back, shooting each of them a glare. Screw these people they couldn't judge me I was freaking awesome. Smiling I mentally patted myself on the back, since they were rarely given I made sure I routinely gave them to myself. I mean somebody had too. Feeling better I walked into the library making sure to keep my shoulders back and my head back, but for all my false confidence I quickly detoured to an empty table in the back and sat my stuff down. Keeping my face hidden I scanned my peers and did a double take once my eyes found an obvious football player he was sitting at a table just diagonal of mine his feet crossed and propped on the table. His hand speedily texting. Blushing I continued to appraise him. He was huge, tall and incredibly built. Easily 6"5 to my 5"0, his hair was cut close to his head and styled perfectly. But man oh man did he have a jaw, so hard looking, a quick clenching of his teeth instantly made my knees weak. I must have stared to long because suddenly he whipped around and looked me directly in the eyes. Squeaking I darted into the book section of the library, my heart pounding. When I felt like I was a safe distance away I stopped and let the shame fill me."

"What were you thinking, way to boost your confidence Scar," I hissed to myself," If you would just let your coolness shine they would love you, I mean your drop dead gorgeous."

"You know, people won't see your coolness if they catch you talking to yourself."

My entire body froze at the sound of a raspy voice, a very much male voice. Heart pounding slowly turned around to come face to face with the giant. My mouth dropped open at the realization on just how tall he was. He raised an eyebrow and smirked, clearily sure of himelf and his beauty. Snapping my mouth shut I tried smiling but failed horribly, "Um uh sorry about that, you know I was just uh working on my people skills."

Burning even brighter from my stuttering, I took a step back to run for it but he moved quicker quickly backing me into the bookcase. Sneering down at me he fingered a piece of my hair and murmered "soft"

Freaking out and cursing my stupidity for going so far into the maze of books. No one could see me, lke this guy could have his way with me and I would be helpless. My hormones screamed with joy over this sending tingles down into a much more personal part of my body. He leaned in closer until his lips were a breath away from my ear.

"You know your uniforms messed up right."

Horror slammed through, had my skirt fell, I was to scared to look, I would kill myself if I just bared my granny panties to some beefed up guy. With a shaky hand I reached down and almost broke into tears when I felt the itchy fabric of my plaid skirt. He must have noticed what I was doing because he grinned his hands dipping down to my shirt, flicking ope the buttons one by one.

"Woa there BFG your quickly bypassing all other bases and we haven't even got on a date yet," wincing frm my uncontrollable outburst I quickly grabbed his hands, trying to stop him, but to my surprise he had already stopped, his hands holding onto the third button.

"BFG?" he asked with a confused expression.

Licking my lips nervously, my mouth began to fly," Yea you know the Big Friendly Giant, well I mean you got the big and giant part down but I don't know about friendly part yet."

I kept babbling completely oblivious that he already managed to undo all the buttons, I didn't realize till I felt the cool air on the bare skin of my stomach. Gasping I quickly tried to cover my nudity from his intense stare but before I could he grabbed my hands with his big paw and pushed them above my head. With his other hand he traced my plain white bra, then slowing trailing down my stomach until he reached the visible top of my panties. Hooking his finger around the elastic he pulled and let it snap against my stomach making me shiver. Then it was over and he was buttoning my shirt back up, each button into the correct hole and then he set to work on my tie that he had at some point flicked over my shoulder. Once he figured it would take more than just one hand to undoe the damage I had caused he let go of my hands. Dropping them to my side I stood there dumbly, not knowing what to do with myself, I mean I just stood there while some jock violated me. Once he had my tie done up in perfection his hand wondered up and circled my throat making my heart stop. Once again smiling he leaned down and nipped my chin, and I swear my hormones had a fiesta in the pit of my stomach.

"You my sweet little thing will be coming home with me today," he purred against my neck.

Trying to gather up my scattered thoughts I shook my head violently," hell to the no buddy."

Frowning he pressed closer until the spines of the books were digging into my skin, "Yes you are, I will be waiting after school, and I better not have to drag you because I will."

Then he was gone his legs eating up the distance back to his table, and that's when the anger came. Who in the hell did this guy think he was, shoving my glasses back on my nose I glared after him. Now matter how fine his ass was I would not be owned.

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