Undeniable (After Romeo AU)


4. Chapter Four


"I can't believe that Jaina fell for it. She actually fell for it. She actually thinks I had feelings for her." I laughed in the hallway of school talking to my friend Devin.

"What a loser! That dumb bitch thought she actually had a chance with you?" He laughed and we highfived. Speaking of trouble right as we got through talking Jaina walked up.

"Hey babe, what were y'all talking about?" She asked me. I can't wait to break this dumb bitch's heart.

"Babe? Dev, did Jaina Whore Scott just call me babe?" We laughed and her eyes started filling with tears.

"Wha- Jayk, what's going on?" She held back tears. Wow what a loser.

"Uh, I think this girl is delusional? She thinks somethings going on between y'all!" Devin chuckled.

"I can't believe you, I can't believe I fell for your whole nice act. I thought we had something special. But now I am seeing your whole douche side. I should've believed those dumb cheerleaders. I can't believe it. I should've known that someone wouldn't fall for me, especially, especially someone like you!" She said all that between tears. Then to her surprise Tara walks up and I kiss Tara right in front of her.

"Hey babe! Why's the school whore crying? Not that I care!" Tara smiled.

"I finally told her!" I smirked.


I got to school to go find Jayk and to my surprise the whole me weekend was apparently a big fat JOKE. Did he even have feelings for me at all? Or was he just pulling me along for his dumb little game?

"I can't believe y'all!" I cried standing there.

"Shut up whiney bitch!" Tara then shoved me to the floor and started kicking me. Which made me cry even harder.

"STOP, PLEASE STOP!" I cried out.

"You stop crying you little crybaby!" Jayk spit. All of a sudden Jayk got this smirk on his face. Jayk picks me up off the ground and pins me to the lockers and starts to unfasten my jeans. I spit in his face which only made home angry. "YOU THINK THATS FUNNY YOU LITTLE BITCH? WELL THIS IS GOING TO BE SPECTACULAR!" He yanks down my jeans and starts undoing his.

"GET OFF OF ME! PLEASE STOP! STOP!" I try wiggling my way out of his grip but he only shoves me against the lockers harder. I am crying and still trying to wiggle my way out of his grip when Blake walks up and pulls him off of me and punches him in the face.


"OH THE SCHOOL WHORES BOYFRIEND IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! HOW FANTASTIC!" Jayk smirked wiping the blood off his face. Jayk swung back but Blake caught his fist.

"If I were you I might wanna rethink that?" Blake said looking back at the principal.

"WHAT IN HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" The principal asked. "ENGLISH, PURDY, SCOTT, TO MY OFFICE NOW!" He say there and watched the security tape.

"I'm so sorry JScott!" Blake hugged me.

"PURDY, YOU ARE SUSPENDED! Scott I'm calling your brother and as for you English you are free to go!"

"No, please don't call Drew!" I cried.

"I'll take her home!" Blake told the principal.


I can't believe that son of bitch! I took Jaina home and she lifted up her shirt to show me her stomach. It was all bruised and red from where Tara kicked her repeatedly. I laid her in her bed and laid there with her cuddling her. She just laid there in my arms crying.

"I'm sorry Jaina!" Was all I said. I played with her hair until she fell asleep. Drew had just got home from work.

"Hey princess, I heard.." He didn't finish his his sentence.

"Ssshhhhh!" I shushed him and we walk out of Jaina's room.

"Thanks Blake, for taking care of my little sister!" Was all he said. It's then I sank to the floor crying.

"I can't believe someone would want to hurt such a sweet soul! She's a kind sweet beautiful angel. I love her! I would treat her like the princess she is! She doesn't deserve all this!" I sat there crying not realizing what I had just said.

"I've seen the way she looks at you and when you're not around she won't stop talking about you! She deserves to be treated the way you treat her." Drew told me. It was almost 9:30 pm but Drew just let me stay the night. I woke the next morning and noticed Jaina was still sleeping I know it was Tuesday day but I just let her sleep in after the day she had at school yesterday. I get up and sneak downstairs and greet Drew.

"Morning Blake! She still asleep?" He asked sipping his coffee.

"Yeah!" I replied pouring me a cup of coffee.

"Well I'm headed off to work again. See ya later. Take care of her!" He said walking out the door. I fix us some breakfast and head upstairs with the plate of food and she wakes up and I set the food in front of her.

"Thanks Blake!" She sighs.

"No problem!" I reply. We finish eating breakfast and then spend the most of the day in resting. The only time we get up is to use the bathroom other than that we don't get up at all.

(A/N: yeah I know I'm sorry for the way shit went down. Please no hate.)

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