From Across the Room

She was the writer, he was the inspiration


4. The Second Date

The next morning, Pryia was shaking me awake. I shot up and realized I had fallen asleep at my desk. I rubbed my eyes and pushed the hair out of my face, saving what was typed out on my laptop. 
“So you got some inspiration it looks like.” Pryia pointed out. 
“I don't know. I just came home from my date last night and inspiration struck.” I shrugged it off and followed her off into the kitchen for breakfast. 
“Is it about him?” I rolled my eyes as I poured myself some cereal and coffee. 
“I don't even know if this is going to be the book idea I submit to Britta so it doesn't matter.” I said, rolling my eyes. 
“Hey, it was just a question. You didn't need to get all defensive.” Pryia pointed out, smirking. “But you did just confirm that it was about him.” 
“Shut the hell up. Shouldn't you be off to work?” 
“Yeah, I'm leaving in a couple minutes. I was just freaked out when I saw you assed out in your computer desk. I don't remember the last time I saw that shit happen. I wanted to make sure no one broke in and murdered you.” 
“Murdered me? Really? That's the conclusion you jump to?” I raised and eyebrow and Pryia shrugged. 
“You can never be too careful, okay? I'm just looking out for you. By the way, how did the date go?” 
“It wasn't bad. He said we should go out again so I gave him my number.” 
“And just like that, Myles is a million miles away.” 
“You think you're so clever.” I joked. 
“I know I am. It just takes a special person to enjoy it…and you aren't that kind of person. You just tolerate it.” 
“It's the least I can do.” 
“I'll take it.” Pryia said. 
“So how was your date the other night? Is it Riley still or another guy?”
“His name was Jace. I'm still not sure about Riley. He seems clingy and I'm not sure I'm down for shit like that. But he's still around. I haven't made a claim to either one yet…I'm still open for business.” Pryia joked. 
“Shit, you're such a whore.” 
“Hey…at least I get laid. You haven't gotten anything since Myles. You need to get some.” 
“I'm good, thanks though.” 
“If you ever change your mind, let me know. I have a line of guys dying to meet you. I can't believe you would go to Lottie over me!” 
“Don't sound so offended. We all know every guys number in your phone is a booty call guy; you don't take anything seriously.” 
“I don't want to. It's too boring. Plus, I'm still young. I have so much time to live.” 
“That's just so gross.” 
“Hey…at least I don't bring them here. If they found out who my roommate was, it would be you they'd be trying to get with, not me. And I like to keep my booty calls to myself. I don't share fuck buddies.” 
“Good to know you have some standards.” 
“Oh fuck yeah. They're limited, but they are there.” 
“Go to fucking work!” I said, shoving Pryia out of the pent house. She waved and laughed as she took the elevator down to the lobby, leaving me alone. I groaned, still exhausted and sore from sleeping on my desk so I headed up to my room for a nice nap, on my nice, comfortable bed. 

“So how was the date?” Lottie asked me the next day. “Bethany hasn't answered any of my texts so I'll get her version later.” 
“Well there's a way to word that question.” Niall joked as we all sat in Louis's living room, playing video games. 
“What? I want to know.” Lottie smirked and shrugged. 
“It went fine. I got her number; I'll probably call in a couple days for a second date. I don't want to seem clingy.” 
“Oh my god you're ridiculous.” Lottie rolled her eyes. “Why not just call her today?” 
“It hasn't even been a full 12 hours.” I pointed out. 
“So? Take charge. I'm assuming she showed you last night she doesn’t like bitch guys.” 
“Yeah she proved that basically the minute I sat down at the restaurant.” 
“Exactly. Just call her.” 
“I think you should wait a few more hours though.” Liam added in. 
“Why do you think that?” I asked. 
“I mean, don't call too late or she's going to feel like it's a booty call, but if you call around dinner time, it makes it seem more legit.” Liam said. 
“Okay, I'll agree with Liam on this one.” Lottie added in. 
“Gee, thanks guys.” I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the TV. 

I was sitting in my office, typing away after my nap as my phone kept going off. I was doing good at ignoring it for a few hours but now it just got to be too much. I finally saved my work, slammed my laptop shut, frustrated, and grabbed my phone. Missed calls and texts from Lottie and one missed phone call from an unknown number. I was curious about the number and called them back. 
“Hello?” I immediately knew it was Harry. 
“Oh hi Harry…” I said, slightly surprised. 
“Hey Bethany, what's up?” 
“I was just returning your phone call.” I said simply. 
“Oh yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to go out again tonight.”
“Already?” I was surprised he had called, even more surprised he actually followed through on asking for a second date; not a lot of guys I've met have done that. 
“Shit that sounded really bad. I'm just not used to guys actually following through on calling me after the first date.” I said, opening up a little. 
“Well I like to think I'm polite.” I smiled at his little joke and laughed a little. 
“Okay well I'll give you that. But yeah, sure. What did you want to do?” 
“Well I had a few ideas…one of my friend from college is having a party, or I was thinking take out plus a movie, or maybe going to a bar for a little then going to the park for a walk or something.” I was shocked he had put so much thought into this. This was another thing I wasn't used to. I was used to the typical whatever you want to do response. 
“Wow…uh take out and a movie sounds nice. I'm actually in the middle of doing some writing, if you want to come here.” I slowly suggested. 
“Sure; Indian food okay?” 
“Uh yeah, totally.” 
“Okay and what genre of movies do you like?” 
“I'll watch almost anything…but I hate horror movies. And I can't say I'm in the mood for an action movie. Beyond that, it's your call.” 
“Well that was actually very helpful.” Harry joked. 
“Im glad I could be of service. I'll text you my address?” 
“Sounds good. I'll see you around…say seven?” 
“Yup…seven is perfect.” 
“Okay, see you then.” I hung up the phone, and then it hit me…how gross I looked and how gross my place looked. I started panicking and went into full cleaning mode while I called Lottie back. 
“So spill girl! I want the details on last nights date!” 
“Well hello to you too.” I said as I was piling dirty clothes from around my place into my arms. 
“Fuck that. I want details.” 
“It went fine Lottie. I'm kind of in the middle of cleaning though.” 
“Then why did you call me if you were busy?”
“Because I knew you would keep blowing up my phone unless I called you back.” 
“That's so true. Well tell me how tonight's date goes tomorrow!” 
“How do you know about it?” 
“Oh…Harry is here. He's like always here. Him and Louis are like butt buddies. But yeah, he's actually next to me still.” 
“Wow…okay I'm hanging up now.” 
“Wait!” Lottie yelled into the phone. 
“Harry said he still needs you to text him your address. He ordered food and is waiting for it to be ready but…still.” 
“Can I murder you?” 
“I mean asking really doesn't make it anymore legal.” 
“I think I'm gonna kill you.” I said, rolling my eyes. 
“Okay, sure. Text Harry your address. Bye!” Lottie hung up and I threw my phone on the couch. Great, just great. 
After I shoved the clothes in the laundry room, I texted Harry my address and then finished washing up and cleaning and went back to my office to keep writing for the next hour. After that hour, which felt more like 2 minutes, I heard my intercom buzzing. 
“Who is it?” I said into the small mic. 
“Harry.” I buzzed him up and a minute later he was knocking on my door. I took one last glance in the mirror, ran my fingers through my hair knowing that was as good as it was gonna get, and walked to the door and opened it. Harry smiled with arms full of food bags and a redbox movie sticking out of the top. 
“Here, let me help.” I said, grabbing a bag. He followed me in and I kicked my door shut. 
“Nice place.” Harry said, almost sounding shocked. 
“Thanks…” I said slowly, placing the food on the counter. 
“So, movie then dinner or movie while eating dinner?” 
“I think movie while eating sounds nice. Just give me a few minutes. I need to save what I was working on.” 
“New book?” 
“I don't know yet.” I said. “You can make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.” I said as we walked into the living room. Harry nodded as I walked to my office to finish up a paragraph and save it. 
When I walked back into the living room, Harry had set up the movie, and laid out all the food and had gotten us some beers and laid out plates and silverware- the whole 9 yards. He must've read the surprise on my face because he got a look of concern on his face. 
“Was this too much?” He asked slowly.”
“No I'm just…surprised. No ones ever done this for me before.” 
“Is the movie okay?” I looked over and the main menu for The Other Woman on screen. 
“Yeah…shit I've wanted to see this movie but never actually had the time to get it…” I said slowly. 
“So I'm winning tonight?” I smirked and walked over and joined him on the couch. 
“If you mean winning by qualifying for a third date, then so far, yeah.” 
“What else could I possibly be referring to?” I laughed thinking he was joking but when I looked at his face, I noticed he was totally serious. 
“Wait, really?” 
“Uh, yeah…” 
“As I said on our first date…I'm used to being used for who I am.” 
“And as you also said; I'm polite.” Harry said, trying to make a small joke. I smiled a little and nodded. 
“I did say that…” We fell into a comfortable silence after that, starting the movie and digging into the food he brought over. 

Not even halfway through the movie, Bethany and I were dying from laughter and still stuffing our faces. I loved that she was so laid back and not like the past few girls I've sort of dated; not afraid to eat, laugh, joke…she was different and I loved that. I glanced over at her as she reached for more food and another beer and she even looked laid back; she had on simple leggings and a baggy t-shirt and her hair in a messy bun. It didn't even look like she attempted to do makeup. She looked beautiful. 
“This food is literally so good, I can't get enough.” Bethany sighed as she started shoving more food in her mouth. I laughed and shook my head. 
“You're pretty different from the girls I know.” I finally joked. 
“What do you mean?” She asked after she swallowed. 
“I don't know. Back at college all the girls are too up tight, always worried about their looks, all that bullshit; they're boring.” 
“Are you saying I look like shit?” Bethany joked. I started laughing and shook my head. 
“No I'm just saying you're laid back, you're fun…you know what's a joke and what isn't. It's a nice change of pace.” 
“What was the last girl you were with like?” 
“I don't know. Petty. Everything had to go her way, had to be done when she wanted it done, go where she wanted, I had to pay for literally everything, always order for her at a restaurant, she couldn't take a joke, life was all business for her; it was boring and frustrating.” 
“She sounds like a true winner. Was she the type of bitch to order salads everywhere?” 
“Hey, salad is good!” 
“I never said it wasn't, but I need a good steak every now and then.” Bethany said, shrugging. “No one should be living off salad.” 
“Well that's been my life the past two years.” 
“You just need a better taste in girls.” Bethany joked as she put her plate down. “I wish I could keep eating but I know I'm gonna make myself sick of I do.” She almost look depressed about having to stop eating. 
“You can keep the leftovers.” I said, smirking. 
“But you bought it. I don't want to keep it. I'll feel bad.” 
“I'm insisting that you keep the leftovers.” I said. “You'll probably eat them quicker here then I will if I bring them home.” 
“Do you live with Louis?” Bethany asked, changing the subject. 
“No…I just spend a lot of time there since we live so close.” 
“What's wrong with your place?” 
“Nothing…I mean, my mom works a lot, my sister comes and goes…it gets quiet and I like to keep busy.” 
“And your dad?” 
“My parents are divorced. I don't see my dad too often. He has a really good job that he travels a lot for so…he's around once, maybe twice a year. He stops by to take me and Gem for dinner but that's about it. Maybe he passes us a couple hundred bucks to feel like he's doing something nice but that's about it.” 
“I'm getting mixed signals on whether you like your dad or not.”
“I don't hate him. He is my father, he just isn't around. That's really all there is to that.” Bethany nodded and leaned back into the couch, pulling a blanket over her shoulders. “What's your family like?” Bethany smirked and looked down. 
“Always loud, always hectic. I have 4 siblings. Chris graduated college last year and is working as a sports agent, Sam is still in college, only a year in, and she's majoring in English and minoring in business, Matthew and Jacob are still in high school…Matthew works part time as a bus boy and likes to run, and Jacob plays soccer year round. We all get along super well for siblings. We don't fight all too much. But neither do my parents. They're still together and I don't remember seeing them fight once. But it's always loud.” 
“It sounds like a fun family to be in. How do they feel about your success?” 
“They're so supportive of me. They're great. They don't live around here though.” 
“Where are they?” 
“The states- Los Angeles, California. That's where I'm from. I only have a slight English accent because I've been here for so long.” 
“I never would've guessed that.” I said, shocked. 
“Not a lot of people do. But I go visit on holidays and birthdays and as often as I can in between. They come here once a year for a weeks vacation which is actually going to be at the end of this month so…I'm excited to see them.” 
“Do they stay here?” 
“Yeah…Pryia goes and stays with Zuri while they're here so Sam can have her own room and not share with my brothers.” 
“I'm home!” We both looked over and My guess was it was Pryia. “Oh…I didn't know you had plans.” 
“No it's okay.” Bethany said. “How was work?” 
“Fine. I went out with Riley again tonight. I swear that son of a bitch is clingy as hell.” 
“So why didn't you go out with Jace?” 
“Because I just wanted free drinks. If I knew you had company I would've called Jace. I can stand being around him for a hell of a lot longer. Oh and you must be Harry; I'm Pryia.” 
“That's what I assumed; nice to meet you.” I said, shaking her hand. 
“Well I'm gonna get cleaned up and head to bed. See you tomorrow and nice meeting you.” Pryia walked upstairs so I turned back to Bethany. 
“She seems fun.” 
“She's my best friend that's 100% the opposite of me but we grew up together so we just stuck.” 
“Everyone has that friend; that Louis to me.” 
“Opposites must really attract in some cases.” Bethany said, smiling. 
After the movie ended, I helped Bethany put the food away, clean up, and we joked as we did so. It was around 11 when everything was finally done. 
“I had a nice night.” I finally said as Bethany walked me to the door. 
“I did too…” She smiled and just stood there awkwardly. “Let me know when you get home so I know you're safe.” Bethany finally said, shuffling her feet. 
“Of course.” I smiled, liking the fact that she actually cared. Bethany opened the door and said one last goodbye before I walked over to the elevator. 

Once I closed the door, I heard Pryia running down the stairs. I rolled my eyes, knowing that this would happen. 
“Oh my god he's gorgeous!” Pryia yelled. 
“Uh thanks.” 
“And he seems so sweet and polite and gentlemanly and oh my god how did that happen?!” 
“You already know how we met.” I pointed out. 
“Shit girl…get Lottie on finding me a guy. If all her friends are that hot I am so down for one.” I laughed and started turning the lights off. 
“On that note, I'm going to bed.” I said as Pryia followed me up the stairs, still peppering me with questions. I rolled my eyes when I finally reached my bedroom door and closed it in her face, tired and ready to sleep. Pryia yelled through the door for a couple minutes before saying she loved me. I giggled as I turned off my night stand lamp and curled into the covers, mind blown how well date number two had gone. 

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