From Across the Room

She was the writer, he was the inspiration


6. Back In Town

“So is this all you do anymore?” Analia asked me, sitting on the couch in my office as I was trying to write. “I don’t remember the last time I saw you write so much since your third book.” 
“Well I’m trying not to get dropped…this is my job, remember?” 
“Yeah, but still. Your phone keeps blowing up and you won’t even look a it.” 
“It’s probably Lottie and Harry.” 
“And you’re ignoring Harry? I mean, Lottie I understand but Harry? Isn’t he the reason you’re writing again?” 
“Does it matter why I’m writing again? I had inspiration strike and I want to write it out. Whether or not this ends up being what I send to Britta, I have no idea, but it’s a start.” 
“You’re being a bitch; you need to relax. But anyway, why are you ignoring Harry?” 
“Because I’m writing. I’ve been around him the past few days and I need to do some writing. Why are you asking so many questions about him?”
“Because everyone else knows what’s going on but I’m always left out of the loop. Like this beach day for example? No one told me about it! But Lottie, Zuri, and Marisole went!” 
“Shit it was me and Zuri invited, Marisole just kind of showed up and invited herself. Why is this even a big deal?” 
“I just want to know whats going on. Everyone else seems to know except me.” Analia said, sighing. 
“Well, you’ve also been working. You’re the one who keeps saying you want to launch your career and you’re doing so, and good for you. But don’t bitch at me when you aren’t invited places since you’re always working. I mean, you barely made it to my book launch party.” I pointed out. 
“Okay, see that’s different!” 
“Not really…but okay, whatever. So what is Harry like?”
“Can we talk about something other than Harry? I feel like that’s all anyone wants to talk to me about anymore…” 
“Okay, fine. Do you have plans this evening? Theres a premiere party and a couple of my friends and I from the agency are going.” 
“I’ve been going out the past couple days, I’m not so sure I want to go out again tonight.” 
“Oh come on…it’s a party and you don’t even need to work while there. When was the last time you went to a party you didn’t need to work at?”
“I don’t know, but I’m just not sure I’m feeling up to a party. Thank you for the invite though.” 
“Yeah, sure. I should get going so I can get ready but I’ll text or call you later, okay?”
“Alright…see you. Love you.” 
“Love you too.” Analia said as she walked out. I sighed and turned to my phone, finally picking it up. Lottie, Zuri, Harry, Marisole, and…and a god damn call from Myles. I threw my phone across the room, making it land on the couch and I started to feel tears well up in my eyes and I had no idea what to do. I suddenly felt very confused and empty. 
I took a few moments to catch my breath and recompose myself, to make sure I wasn't about to cry. I then walked over to my phone, picking it up to call Analia. I dialed her number and listened to the ring. 
“Okay I've been gone five minutes, I'm barely down the road; what the fuck happened?” 
“Myles called me.” 
“Hold. The. Fuck. Up. Are you serious?!” 
“Yeah…” I whispered slowly. 
“You didn't call him back, did you?!” 
“No…of course not.”
“You sound like you want to.” Analia said slowly. 
“Well…four years together, four books inspired by him, a messy break up…the slight feeling there is still there for him since he was like basically my first love…” 
“Shut the fuck up. Stop right there. I'm turning around and coming to get you. There is no fucking way I am letting you call him. That's just asking for bad news and for some bad shit to go down. I thought he was in the states, in America? Florida or something like that?” Analia said, questioning herself. 
“I thought so too but it's been six months. Who the fuck knows where he is now!” 
“Your phone is going on Analia lock; you're coming out with me and I have full control over your phone tonight. There's no way this is about to happen.” 
“Okay.” Okay…that was all I was able to mumble out. I was trying not to cry still; or punch a wall or something. I don't know. I had so many emotions going through me right now I had no idea what was happening. But all I knew was Analia was coming to get me and I was going to be okay. 
Once Analia came back, she helped me pick out an outfit for her premiere, accessories, shoes, the whole works. After, we walked to her car and drove back to her place. She didn't live too far from me, maybe a few block. She lived in a decent sized apartment however it was still elegant and gorgeous. I was silent for the whole car ride and Analia didn't force anything out of me…which is exactly what I needed; silence. 
I scrolled through my phone, looking at my texts from Harry, Lottie, Zuri, and Marisole. I read them all but didn't feel any urge to answer any of them. 
Hey, I hope you're having a good day. I'll call you tonight? – Harry 
Girl, you need to give me details on you and Harry! Harry sucks at details and it's about time for some details! – Lottie 
Hey…I gotta tell you something… - Zuri 
Hey, uh…did you know Myles was back in town…? – Marisole 
“Is everything okay?” Analia asked as we pulled into her apartment complex garage. 
“Myles is back in town.” I mumbled. 
“How did you find that out?” Analia looked a bit surprised. 
“Marisole texted me telling me. And Zuri texted me saying she had to tell me something so my guess is she wants to tell me that Myles is back in town.” 
“Are you going to answer?” 
“No…I don’t feel the urge to talk about any of it.” 
“That's okay.” We both fell into an awkward silence since neither of us knew exactly what to say about this. “Maybe you should call Harry…” 
“Why do you say that?” I said slowly. 
“I dunno. Maybe just talk to him. I mean he did say he wanted to call you tonight.” 
“Are you reading over my shoulder?” 
“I want to make sure there's no calls or texts to Myles.” Analia pointed out. “I'm not about to let that shit happen.” 
“Okay...I'll call Harry.” Once we got up to her apartment, I walked into her den area and called Harry. 
“Hey you!” Harry said happily. 
“Hello.” I said, simply. 
“Are you okay? You sound…off…” 
“I'm not super great but I'll survive.” 
“Well I hope so…” 
“So uh…I called cause I saw your text.” 
“About me calling you tonight?” 
“Yeah…I just wanted to tell you I was going out tonight so most likely won't get home until really late.” 
“You called to tell me this?” Harry sounded surprised. 
“Well…yeah I guess so.” 
“I don't know…I just…thought I should tell you instead of you calling and me not answering.” 
“That's sweet of you.” Harry said. It sounded like he was smiling which made me smile only a little. 
“Maybe I can call you once I get home?” I suggested. 
“I would like that. But only if you're up to it. I don't want you to force yourself to stay awake just to call me.” 
“I think I'll call you when I get home.” I finally said. 
“Okay, I'll look forward to it.” 
“I'll talk to you later then.” I finally said. 
“I'll talk to you later.” After that, Harry hung up. I sighed and walked back out into the kitchen with Analia. 

“Who was that?” Gemma asked once I put the phone down. She had just got home from Paris so me and her were hanging out for a bit. 
“Is she a new girl?” 
“Yeah…sort of I guess.” 
“You guess?” Gemma said, smirking. 
“We're taking it slow. We've been on a couple dates, went out with a big group once.” 
“A big group? You already met her friends? Or she already met your friends?” 
“Well technically we met because of Lottie. She couldn't make it to her book signing party so she asked Louis to go for her and he brought us with him.” 
“Wait, book signing party? Are you talking about Bethany Joy?!” Gemma demanded. 
“Uh yeah, that's her.” 
“Her books are fucking life! I love her! She's the new girl?!” 
“I guess so. Look, we're just taking it really slow right now.” 
“I'm like fucking mind blown. Like…my own brother…dating a world renowned author…” 
“Gemma, relax. It's still new and we're taking it slow. It's like you aren't listening to me.” 
“No I'm listening. It's still just mind blowing. Like this is insane. Can I meet her?!” 
“If things get more serious, yeah. But I'm not gonna scare her off with your…obsessiveness.” 
“Oh come on…so not fair!” 
“Well when do you leave again?” 
“I'll be here for like two weeks. Then I leave for Egypt for a month.” 
“Why do you have to travel so much?” 
“Because I have the money? Is that even a question. My job allows it, I have the money, and I love it. What's wrong with that?” 
“Well mom is traveling or working most of the time and you're always gone…it gets lonely here.” 
“Well you could just come on a vacation with me.” 
“See…I'm still going to school and I enjoy my summers with my friends; personally.” I pointed out. 
“Wow no time for your sister?” 
“You don't stay around enough here for me to spend time with you. I think this is the longest you've ever stayed home…usually it's like a week, max.” I pointed out. 
“Okay, fair enough.” Gemma sighed out. “So…tell me about her.” I shrugged and leaned back in my chair. 
“I don't know. She's really laid back, isn't afraid to be herself…she's really funny and she's…real.” 
“She doesn't sugar coat things. She tells you how it is.” I said, clearing it up. 
“Well she already sounds a fuck ton better than most girls you used to date.” 
“Yeah Bethany agrees too.” Gemma cracked up laughing. 
“What?! You told her about your past girlfriends?!” 
“She asked, I told. That's really all there is to it.” 
“Well…hey. Fuck it than. But I would like to get to know her.” I nodded and Gemma got up to get some water. “So…are you going to stay here since I'm home or are you going to escape to Louis's?” 
“I'll stay here as long as you're here.” 
“Still too scared to be alone?” Gemma joked. 
“I just don't like the quiet in this huge house.” I pointed out. 
“Yeah whatever you say.” Gemma said, smirking. I rolled my eyes and walked off to the living room to watch some tv. 

I was looking at myself in the mirror; elegant, long, black, strapless dress with a slight v neck, my hair was swooped off my neck into a perfect messy yet elegant bun with basic makeup and my black stilettos. I sighed before walking into the living room. 
“Yeah girl!” Analia yelled, making me giggle. 
“You go girl!” Nora announced. I laughed this time, smiling for real. Analia’s friends, Nora and Bridget were really sweet and I could see them as people I could handle being around for a night. 
“Oh shit! No one is going to look as good as you tonight!” Bridget said. 
“Yeah, okay guys. Nice joke.” 
“Nah, Bridget knows what she's talking about.” Analia said. Analia was in a short, dark purple, spaghetti strapped dress with nude heels. She was really pulling it off with her blonde hair curled and pinned to one side of her head. 
“I don't think so.” 
“Shut up! You look literally perfect!” Nora announced. I rolled my eyes and sighed, defeated. 
“Okay, whatever guys.” I finally said. 
Once Nora and Bridget were both ready, we loaded up the car and made our way to the premiere. The red carpet was definitely an event. The interviews and the pictures were a lot. I was still trying to push back the thoughts of Myles but it was hard, even though I was being kept busy. 
After the premiere, which ended at midnight, we went to the after party. I only stayed until about two, not really feeling up to it. I made my way outside and the valet hailed a cab for me. I hopped in and gave him the address to my house. I stared out the window, watching the people and lights pass by. For being the summer and only two in the morning, it was fairly empty. It was surprising but I didn't mind; it got me home quicker. 
Once home, I tipped the driver, grabbed my purse, and hopped out. I walked into my building and up to my place. As soon as the door was shut, I stood against it, sighing with relief. 
“You okay?” Pryia asked. I looked over and saw her sitting on the couch, typing away on her laptop. 
“Myles is in town.” 
“WHAT?!” Pryia screamed. 
“Marisole told me. And I'm pretty sure Zuri was going to tell me but I never texted either one of them back. But yeah…he also called me.” 
“Did you call him back?!” 
“Hell no!” I exclaimed. 
“You sound like you want to though.” 
“Four years together…yeah it's kind of hard.” 
“But it's been six months…” Pryia pointed out. 
“Four years compared to six months isn't a lot of time.” 
“Maybe not, but is he worth losing Harry?” 
“Excuse me?” I snapped. 
“Oh please…I know you like him. You may say you're taking it slow but you most definitely like him. And he has a hell of a lot more potential than Myles does. You know it too.” 
“Yeah…I know. But it's still hard. It was easy when I didn't see him, when he wasn't in the country…but he's back and God only knows what will happen if I see him!” 
“That's up to you. Are you going to tell Harry?” 
“I don't know. What's to tell?” 
“Fuck…everything that happened maybe?” 
“I don't know yet.” I said slowly. 
“Well, I think you should. But that's also just my personal opinion.” I nodded and sighed. 
“I have a headache. I think I'm going to go to bed.” Pryia nodded. 
“Night…” She said slowly. I made my way up to my room and started dialing Harry's number. 
“Hey…how was the premiere?” Harry asked. 
“Wait how'd you know it was a premiere? I just told you I was going out…” 
“It was on tv. My sister is back in town so I'm at my house and not Louis's and she wanted to watch the red carpet and I saw you there.” 
“Oh…that makes sense.” I said slowly. 
“Are you sure you're okay?” Harry finally asked. 
“It's a long story and I'm not sure I'm ready to get into it quite yet.” I said. 
“Alright well if you ever want to talk about it, I'm here.” 
“Thank you…” 
“For what…?” Harry asked, sounding confused. 
“For not pushing it. A lot of people push for me or anyone to tell them what's going on and it's frustrating. It's just nice not being forced.” 
“Well I don't want to force anything out of you. When you're ready, you'll tell me. And if you never want to, you don't have to. It's as simple as that.” 
“Thank you…” I whispered again. 
“You sound exhausted. Why don't you go to sleep. We can talk tomorrow.” 
“Are you doing anything tomorrow?” I asked. 
“Uh no…probably just hanging out with my sister, who just so happens to be a fan. She's sitting across from me waving her arms wildly around so…” I laughed a little and smiled. 
“Well I'll send her a signed copy of my new book then.” 
“But did you want to do something tomorrow?” 
“No it's okay. Your sister is in town. Family is important and I remember you saying you don't see her often.” 
“Are you sure?” 
“I'm positive. Have a good night.” 
“You too…” 
“Goodnight.” I said. 
“Goodnight.” I hung up the phone, changed into my pajamas and I was out cold a few minutes later from being slightly tipsy and emotionally done. 

“Are you going to see her tomorrow?” Gemma asked. 
“No…she said since you're in town that it was okay.” 
“I told her I don't see you often…she said family first.” 
“That's not okay. You said she sounded off.” Gemma announced. 
“Go surprise her tomorrow. I can survive a day without you.” Gemma said, rolling her eyes. 
“Are you sure she would be okay with that?” 
“If you want me to come to tell her it's okay, I will. But if you really see something with this girl, it'll mean the world to her.” I nodded and thought about what Gemma said. 
“Okay...I'll do it. But I'm gonna take you out for breakfast before I go anywhere.” 
“Ugh fine. We can do a breakfast date.” Gemma said, rolling her eyes. 
“Gee, don't sound so excited.” I said. 
“You better be at her place by one, latest!” Gemma announced. 
“Fine; deal.” 
“Deal.” Gemma said smiling. 
After a few more minutes of joking with Gemma and watching tv, I headed up to bed. It was a lazy, but long day and I was ready for some sleep. 

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