The Lives We Live. (Sketchreppinink)

This is my story.


1. Introduction

The year is 2040, a few years back in 2037 the government was overthrown by people that had been screwed over by them in the next year those people decided to become the government this created chaos between the people that's when a gang was formed during the year to lead up to now that gang got stronger and more powerful even the police was afraid but that didn't stop them from trying to keep the peace so once a month they would have a radd and take two people away. Everyone was afraid of the gang until just last year another gang formed so this is when the government decided that we can't have anymore children unless we teach them ourselves as then they closed down the schools so people would break into the schools and take a part each with a few areas it was shared but protected by everyone so they started to know everyone in that area and we became a colony. Now days we have to be careful because outside of our schools then we could get hurt and if we look at one of the gang members then we have more so a chance to get hurt but if that gang member that we looked at looks at us then we become theirs no matter what you think about it.

My name is India Jazza Miya

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