The Lives We Live. (Sketchreppinink)

This is my story.


3. Chapter 2: The start of something

The day and night went by very fast and soon is was coming to the time that I say goodbye to my loving family and friends.

Suddenly it comes 4:44 so I quickly get my bag and put Colt on his lead then go out of my room and go to the front gate once we get there then I see JD so I go over to him and say "sorry I'm late" JD "It's ok I just here myself, you ready?" With that I nod my head so JD takes my bag then starts walking so I follow behind.

Once we finally get to the headquarters then I realise that it's JD that has the airport which makes it easier for me to leave after I work out how to do that. Once we get into the airport then JD takes me to my new room then says "I'll give you an hour and if you aren't out by then, then there will be punishment" with that JD walks out so I then set my room up then grab Colt and walk out of my room and start to walk around the airport after a few minutes I hear crying so I then go to where I'm hearing the crying and see Kaya so I go over to her and say "what's wrong, have they done anything to you" with that Kaya doesn't speak so I look around and see someone coming this way so I get up so I can protect Kaya if I have to but instead the male runs to Kaya's side and says "Beautiful what's wrong" with that Kaya grabs his neck so I then get down and say "Who are you?" Sky "I'm Sky, Kaya's boyfriend" India "Your the guy that looked at her when she looked at you" Sky "Got it in one?" India " Kaya what's wrong?" Sky "It's one of the other guys, they think they're second in demand" India "How's that and why do they think that" Sky "To be honest we don't know why but we know that Nick thinks that" India "So is he Like this with everyone?" Sky "Yep except JD and his girl Lola but she's as bad as him" India "So how do you know JD?" With that JD appears and says "Indi you should remember Sky or Skay" India "Oh yea we had biology and English together" Sky "Oh yea I was wondering why you looked familiar" JD "Come I will introduce you to the others Skay can look after Kaya" with that I get up and walks with Colt over to JD

Once we're over there then we go to the lounge room where I meet the rest of the guys and their girls (I'm not going to name them just yet) afterwards then JD decides that Khloe and I need to bond so let's us go to the baby's nursery after 4 hrs then JD comes in so I leave JD to be with Khloe once I leave the room then I accidentally run into Auburn (One of the girlfriends)

So I then quickly say " I'm so sorry I should have watched where I was going" Auburn "It's ok it was an accident, hey your India Kaya's friend" India "Yeah that's me" Auburn "Good someone that's good around here!" India "What do you mean?" Auburn "Let's walk and talk" with that we start to walk to somewhere when Auburn starts to talk again "Well around here's we have a lot of people that aren't good except me, my sister Ani and our cousin Scarlett I mean we used to have Clara but then one day she started to hang out with Mia and she hasn't been the same person since that that was until Kaya came along and instead of losing someone good we gained another person that's good and the same thing happened when you joined which is good as we now have 5 good people and even though there's 9 people whose bad we still have gained more good then what we have had before anyway questions" India "Yeah, how do you know that I'm good I mean I could be bad" Auburn "Ok answer this. Would you kill someone?" India "No of course not if they came and invaded then I would fight then if that doesn't work then run" Auburn "Exactly none of us would kill but the others would" India "Where are we going?" Auburn "Since I have been the girl that has been here the longest then JD has learnt that he can trust me so made me the person that helps the newbies train, Oh and your dog is safe Ani is to look after every animal that we have as pets" with that I realise that Colt isn't with me I mean it's good that they're looking after him but I need to know where he is at all times until I learn to trust this place" Auburn "Don't worry we give back the dog and cats back at night for them to be with their owners" India "But your a gang" Auburn "Please the boys are we get to do what we want and what makes us happy so for Lola that's going out with the boys, Ani loves animals so JD has made a couple of us have pets just to keep her happy, Scarlett is cooking so she has her own kitchen and mine is to help the newbies in whatever they need help in" India "And if you guys aren't happy?" Auburn "JD has lost two people just people their girls weren't happy so he knows that if we girls aren't happy then our guys will do whatever it takes for us to be happy again. Oh and don't mess with the boys the will punish you and that's most likely my physical harm"

With that Auburn takes me into a room once we get in there then I see punching bags, an obstacle course with hoops, tunnels and things that it have to climb over with that Auburn then says "This is nothing we have a boot camp type thing and a maze for the newbies to trust others because if they don't trust them then it gets dangerous now let's see what you can do with climbing this wall without any harness" with that I then see the wall that looks like a rock climbing area so I then study the wall to work out what is the best way to get to the top once I have worked it out then I start to climb but Auburn then says "You would have been killed 3 minutes ago" India "You said nothing about time!" Auburn "If it was my way then you would at the start but JD made there a time limit to see what he had" with that I claim down the few steps that I climbed up then says "What now?" Auburn "It just makes me want to scream. Sorry see that other rock climbing do that one just this time go for it instead of thinking before doing it" with that I go over to it and start to climb the wall afterwards then Auburn gets me to do the others then finally go back to original one. Afterwards Auburn gets me to keep on going with the climb.

(After 2 hours)

Suddenly an siren goes off so Auburn then says "Someone's here and they shouldn't be"

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