The Stereotypes

Four people from different stereotypes (athlete, class clown, theater kid, and class president) break the stereotypes and become best friends just as school ends for the year. Read whole story to find out what happens over the summer, will there be drama, or adventure, maybe both…


5. The Theater Kid

"Good morning sunshine!" I say opening my curtains, getting blinded by the light but still staying peppy. I put on my cute dress I got 7 months in advance for the last day of school. Then I curl my hair and put on my makeup. "Omg! I'm gonna go blind, I got concealer in my eye! What do I do?" After 10 minutes of fiddling around, I got it out and finish my makeup. Then I make totally Instagram worthy pancakes and of course, post the picture I took. Then I prepare for the prep rally this afternoon by practicing my final lines for theater this year. I'm really gonna miss theater. After my long thoughts, I clean my cats litter box and carpool with my friends.

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