The Stereotypes

Four people from different stereotypes (athlete, class clown, theater kid, and class president) break the stereotypes and become best friends just as school ends for the year. Read whole story to find out what happens over the summer, will there be drama, or adventure, maybe both…


3. The Class Clown

"Josephine, wake up sweetie."

"I'm awake, and mom, please, I set an alarm every morning, I don't need your help waking up in the morning, I'm a middle schooler."

"I know, you are growing up and need your space, I'm sorry you have to share a room with Danielle, but we don't have space in the house. Just be quiet, she doesn't have to wake up for another half hour." Danielle is Josephine's little sister. She is an extremely annoying 2nd grader that always tries to be a part of her sisters sleepovers. As I got up I threw on a random pair of basketball shorts on that were lying on the floor and a tshirt that said Panic! At the Disco. Before putting my hair in a messy braid and wrapping my usual bandana around my head. I quickly went around my room trying to grab all my supplies and books that were lying around my room and stuffing them into my bag quickly. It did not work. I tripped over my softball glove landing with a thump on the wood floor. "Ouch!" I yell rubbing the new bruise on my knee. Then realizing I woke up Danielle. I quickly run out the door to the bathroom before she realizes what happened. Still drowsy from waking up, I try to brush my teeth with my eyes closed. That doesn't work either, so I now have toothpaste all over my face. After cleaning up, I go eat a bowl of cereal and start my long journey to the bus stop.

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