<EXO> Love or Hate?

Name:Park Kristal
Favourite Food:Duh,Kitkats
Favourite bands:BTS,BIG BANG

I'm always a shy girl that daydream about dreamy guys.And read fanfic a about them.I have a brother,who is in Exo.He take good care of me and always bring me to his concerts and performances.i don't really like Exo but who knows?Say,can I get his band members attention?
Or could I possible fall in love with my brother?OMG HAHhHA
Read to find out~


2. <2>

Kristal's PoV

I woke up and went downstairs to have breakfast.I cooked myself some pancake.Well,it isn't that good but it's still good so yeaaaa

I was eating my not so perfect pancake while watching America Next top Model.

"DING DONG!"the door bell rang

"Who is it early in the morning,can't be my best friend Kae,I am meeting her at 10am and it's just 9am now?" I thought.

I stare at the door as it rings again and again and again and again and again....OMG what if it's a monster behind the door?!?!i can freaking die

He can kill me and dismantle my body and throw me into the sea!!

Just as in deep in my thoughts,my grandpa came out and opened the door.

I hid my head into the cushion.I don't wanna die so young

"YA!What are you doing?!"I heard a familiar voice.

Eh?wait,wasn't I going to die soon?why do I keep hearing things?

I slowly look up..............

It's my brother Chanyeol.....Hehehe

"Hi.Why are you here?"I smiled sheepishly as I asked

"If course can be here,it's my house too ya!And I just took an earlier flight back.Arent you happy to see me?your favourite brother??" He said as he pinched my cheeks.

"Ptfffffffff,not at all" I attempt to pull his hands away and stick out my tongue

"Ya.You little brat" he said to me

I continues eating my breakfast and watching ANTM while my brother talked with our grandpa.

They're really loud so I finish my food and went upstairs.

"DING DONG!" The door bell rang again

Should be my best friend.i rushed to open but my brother opened it.I was just going to shout to my friend but then I saw...

Ehhh??!What?No Kae?instead it's my brother's friend.Arhg


Chanyeol's PoV

"Hey man!whatsup Baekyun!"I greeted him with a hug

Since we are busy doing our each of our own solo activities,we haven't seen each other in a long time.

He sat down as we began to talk.

"So how are you?Ready to get all pumped up for the concert?" Baekyun excitedly asked me

"Yea,Almost ready.We will do a great job definitely"I assured him with a big grin

Well,I'm in a group that consist of 12 members including myself.And we are having a comeback in a few weeks later. Plus,we are holding a concert

So yeaaa that's pretty much


Back to Kristal pov

I overhead my brother and his friend,which I assume his name is Baekhyun

They are holding a concert?no way.Againn?!?

The door bell rang again.oh no,must be Kae.I can't let her know my brother and Baekhyun are here.She really lovesssss Exo,I repeat,LOVESSS.She WiLl DIE SEEING THEM

It's too late,my brother opened the door

Kae stared at my brother then at Baekhyun again and again

There was a awkward silence.oh no....

"AHhDFfHfgUVbhGHjnJPIpFDwawQWrGHgFdDfFdFfGddFgVVSsSfhJkK!!!!OMG OMG!CHANYEOL!BAEKHYUN!" Kae shouted so loud I almost got deaf

I bet she doesn't even know my existence

I embarrassingly pulled her in side the house and shut the door.

Can't let fans see right?hehe

"Who is she??Kristal?Why is she here?Is she just another fan??" My brother bombarded me will questions

With my brother questioning me and my best friend screaming and fangirling I almost can't think straight

"Okay okay,she's my best friend,she just like Exo ok?i didn'ttellheruwereheresoshe'sshockedwithhappiness"

I blurted out as I draggggggged Kae upstairs

This is so embarrassing


"KRISTAL!Why didn't u tell me Chanyeol is ur brother and Baekhyun was here???"Kae asked me


"You know,I could have dressed up nicer and wear some make up!YA"

Knock knock.

My brother came in.

And Kae really just stared at him and cling to me like she's going to die

"Hey,Sorry for shouting earlier." My brother said to us

"It's alright."I said to him while Kae just continued smiling like an idiot and more staring

" So erm...Baekhyun said that he have extra tickets for our concert and ask if you both want to come." My brother smiled as he told us

"ehHHHHHhhHh!BUT I WANT TO GO THE BTS CO-"I whine but got interrupted by Kae

"I-i-We-w-we will love to go!"Kae literally screamed at his face.

"So see you both at the concert!"He said while smirking at Kae.

"And you Kristal,you better come.The ticket is expensive and if you're not coming.....I tearing all you BTS posters down and burn all you BTS albums."he threatened me



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