The Wolf

When I was young, mom told me the story of red riding hood, only we used to called it Layla and the Wolf.
The Wolf tells the same story, but waay differently.







Joey was alone, and yet I could smell her now. 

"Layla." I whispered. I turned around, searching for her. "Where did you take her, you pig?!" I said to Joey. 

"I'm still looking for her, you idiot. She ran away but it's fine, we'll find her. I can smell her, she's near." 

"Of course, I thought I'd find you here." Dylan. 

"Alfie?" Layla said. 

"You know him?" Dylan asked. 

"Yes, I-"

"Layla, oh God, how can you be so reckless? This guy's a werewolf. Look, he has your grandmother." 








I could see her now, grandma. 

"Grandma! You leave her right now!" All of a sudden, I saw Alfie running towards Dylan, hitting him right on the face. Dylan's nose started bleeding. "No! Alfie, what are you doing?" 

"He's a liar! I might be a werewolf, but at least I have some humanity left in me. What are you doing with him, Layla? When you said Dylan, I saw that coming, but I hoped it would be another Dylan. He's a werewolf, Layla. He feeds on human." 

"And she's going to believe you now, especially when one of your brothers attacked her and the other has her grandmother and is going to kill her too?" 

"What about what you did?" The man who had my grandmother said. 

"All he did was take me away from that monster who was in my grandmother's bed and take me to my grandmother."

I couldn't believe this. These were Alfie's brothers. They were trying to kill me and my grandmother. 

"Are you enjoying yourselves there? Dylan, enough with the act. We found the girl first, we get her."

"Shut up, Joey!" Alfie said. 

"Give us the old woman and let us leave now, beasts." Dylan said. "I'm ashamed of you." 

"Alfie, is this all an act? Were you only getting closer to me so that you can kill me and my grandmother?"

"And the mother." Joey added in a low voice. I shrieked.

"Shut up! No!" Alfie lift his face to the sky. "yes, maybe, but I chose not to do it, Layla."

"WHAT?!" I couldn't take it anymore. I knew it was stupid, but I ran to Alfie and smacked him in his stomach. I ended up getting in pain more than him. What were these? Rocks as abs? Dylan came then and they started wrestling. I ran to my grandmother, the man sighed and left her. She fell on the ground, crying. I hugged her. "It's alright, granny. Please, please walk, I'll help you, we need to get out of this place." I helped her up. 

"So that's it? You're just letting them go?" Joey said. 

"Jake, stop. We can't kill them." 

"What happened to you?" Joey walked towards us and I did something I never did in my life. I hit him with my knee between his legs as hard as I could. Joey rolled on the ground in pain. I tried to run, but grandmother couldn't run so fast. Behind me, everything was in chaos. Dylan was fighting now-wolves who apparently are Alfie and his brothers. 

"Stay away from him! Dylan, come, just leave them! They're three wolves and you're only one human." Dylan looked at me quickly, and then he pushed one of the wolves away and ran towards me, he held up my grandmother and shouted.

"Run, run, run!" 

And I ran. As fast as I could. Joey the wolf was following me. 

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