The Wolf

When I was young, mom told me the story of red riding hood, only we used to called it Layla and the Wolf.
The Wolf tells the same story, but waay differently.







"Just stop already!" I shouted at Joey. "We don't want to kill them anymore." 

"Joey, Alfie's right. We're human too." 

"She hit me!"

"You were trying to kill her!" 

"We're not the real monsters here." Jake said.







Dylan led us to grandma's house. Grandma was really tired. 

"Alright there, granny?" I asked. 

"Okay." She said, weakly. But I knew she was weak. 

"Thank you for everything." I said, turning to Dylan. "You saved our lives."

"Of course Layla, I would do anything for you. I love you."

Last time I heard this word it was from a werewolf who tried to kill me and my grandmother. But this time it sounded different, not necessarily better, just different. And I've been waiting for this moment my whole life.

"I've always loved you, Dylan." But I don't love you now. I don't know what to feel about anyone now. "I owe you my life."

"I don't want your life, I just want some time with you. This evening. I would have waited longer, but I can't wait anymore. I know you've been through a lot today - I would understand if you-"

"Come here at twilight? I can't leave grandmother alone, I'll get mother to stay with her." Dylan nodded. 

"I can't wait." 




I didn't want to go into the woods, but Dylan insisted we do so, he said he shouldn't be seen by anyone and that the wolves have places for themselves and that he'd take me somewhere they can't ever find me. 

My lip hurt, I realized that's from when Alfie bit me after we kissed. So that's why he bit me, he probably couldn't wait to eat me. Could it be that why he said he was dangerous? Why he stopped seeing me.. 

That still doesn't mean he's good. He wanted to kill me the first time he saw me, he kept on seeing me just because of that. 

A werewolf! I must be going crazy. 

I have feelings for Alfie, I still do, but I'd choose Dylan any day over that liar. Just because my mind says Dylan.

"You alright?"

"Fine I guess. What is it you wanted to talk about? Is it what happened to you four years ago?" 

"That, and something else. It's a surprise. Let's just wait till we're there, we're almost there." 

After a bit more walking, Dylan stopped me. 

"We're there." 

"The woods look scarier at night." He laughed. 

"Relax, I'm with you. I just fought three wolves and made it out alive."

"Speaking of that. Are you even human?" I asked, smiling. 

"No, I'm an alien, just don't tell anyone." He whispered. I laughed. 

"I might as well start believing in aliens now that I know werewolves exist." 

"Close your eyes for me, will you? Close your eyes and open your mouth."



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