The Wolf

When I was young, mom told me the story of red riding hood, only we used to called it Layla and the Wolf.
The Wolf tells the same story, but waay differently.






I thought about Alfie's words for a while. 


Is that a good thing or a bad thing, because I can't really tell. 

Is it good to be different? 

"Don't you go to school?" I asked. 

"Home schooled." He said quickly.

"Me too. I guess we're not that different, are we?" Alfie laughed. 

"We're more different than you think."

"Of course, you're a guy and I'm a girl." He laughed at that too.

"Yeah, that's the only difference."

I know we might be different, but different isn't necessarily a bad thing. Maybe he said that about me as a compliment after all. And maybe the second different is different from the first different. Geez, my head hurt, too many differences in my thoughts. 

"So you've never been in love before?" I asked him. 

"Not even close." 

"Too bad for you."

"Does that mean you have?" I nodded, proudly. 

"Just because I've never been with someone either, doesn't mean I haven't been in love before." He stared at me for a while. 

"Come on, speak. Tell me about it." 

"And why are you interested?" I said, teasing. He gave me a bored face. "Alright, alright. It's a dumb story, but I'll tell you about it anyway.

"I have a friend called Phoebe."

"And you told me her name because-?"

"Because names are important, now shush, let me continue. She has an older brother, and while Phoebe has long, black hair and brown eyes, her brother has golden blonde hair. And he wasn't always like this, but at some point he turned really muscly, just like you." I think I might have a thing for muscly people. "We didn't see him much, but when we did, it used to make my day. I loved to visit Phoebe, because it meant I might get to see him. We never ever talked much, but he had all my attention." 

"So what happened?" 

"He disappeared." I said, simply. "Phoebe never talked about it, she told me not to ask her about it, that her brother just left. Her parents never talked about it either, and the subject made her father angry."

"So you lost him. That's sad."

"So? You lost your parents. We lose people all the time."

"If you find it that easy to lose someone, why don't you find it easy to lose your grandmother?" I crossed my eyebrows.

"I never said it's nice or easy to lose someone, I just meant it gets more bearable by time, and that we all experience it."

"You said you almost never talked, do you think it's possible to love someone you don't talk to?" I smiled. I might be only seventeen, but I know the answer to that one. 

"Of course it is."

"Then how do you know you love someone?" 

"You just do." 

That's why I'm confused about Alfie. 

It's because I can't tell what it is that I feel for him, I can't consider him as my friend, but I'm definitely not in love with him. All I know is that he attracts me, something about him makes me want to stay with him, try to understand him, spend time with him. 

"So, what's his name?" I laughed at that. 

"Dylan." And something in Alfie's face changed. "See? I told you names are important. We're there." 



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