The Wolf

When I was young, mom told me the story of red riding hood, only we used to called it Layla and the Wolf.
The Wolf tells the same story, but waay differently.


21. About "The Wolf"


Questions and answers about "The Wolf":


1. What made you decide to write The Wolf? What was your main inspiration behind the story?


Red Riding Hood, or Layla and the Wolf as we like to call it, has always been a very famous fairy tale, told to kids of all ages to teach them to never talk to strangers and always take shortcuts and do what you're told, otherwise, you'd be eaten by the wolf. Everyone's worst fear. 
I've been thinking about retelling some famous fairy tales for a while, and I wanted to retell Red Riding Hood in a different way from usual. I think the inspiration behind this was the fact that we always end up falling in love with the wrong person, the person who might sometimes be really bad for us, dangerous even. And yet we follow our love blindly, knowing of the consequences and deciding to ignore them anyways. 

So I thought to myself.. what if Layla fell in love with the Wolf? 


2. Out of all of the characters in the story so far, which one do you relate to the most? Why?


There aren't exactly many characters in this story so it would make sense to say I don't think I actually relate to any of them.. We first see Layla as this perfect girl who tries to obey her mother all the time, and as much as I try to be that, I'm not exactly that perfect. 

We first see Alfie as that person who cares so much about what his brothers will think about him that he decides to kill a girl in order to make himself seem stronger. And I'm not that either. 



3. Is there a certain scene in the book that you particularly enjoyed writing?


I enjoyed writing about Layla's philosophy on names. And I enjoyed writing chapter twelve to twenty. 





That's it I guess, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask me about them in the comments. 
Love always, 




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