Mystery of candy corridor Chapter 3: suspious behavior in candy meadows.

Poppy and rosie are set out on a dangerous adventure through the forbidden part of candy corridor the candy meadows


1. suspious behaviour in candy meadows

After the amazing lesson on the sugary sherbet sand the candy queen asked poppy to go on a adventure 

"Listen poppy I know you like adventures but don't tell anyone about this not even rosie I need you to go in to candy meadows and get me a very special gobstopper flower"

"OK but isn't candy meadows a forbidden part of this world" poppy said

"Shhh be quiet" lizzie said immediately

"OK I'm on it" poppy said running off making sure that rosie doesn't see her

Poppy carefully sneaks around lizzie's castle running off into the unwinding path unreavling to the entrance of the ominous meadows but rosie saw her  running she thought to herself

"What is she doing I'm gonna go after her" so she ran after her.

"Right her I go" poppy said but she was suddenly interuppted by rosie screaming


Poppy turned around and she seen the flaming rage in her eyes 

"Lizzie told me to get a special gobstopper flower for her magic I'm guessing" poppy said.

"Do you even know why it's forbidden" rosie asked waiting for a reply 

"..." poppy hesitated "please rosie I never get to go where I want to just because I'm your little cousin doesn't mean that you can tell me what to do I...I hate you rosie" she screamed running off with tears flowing down her face. the red velvet path she was running on slowly turned to a cracked grey cobble path with dead trees this was definitely not nice this was very strange.poppy fell and curled up under a tree and cryed her eyes out. When she looked up she saw a glowing gobstopper flower she thought this was the flower she was talking about she gets up and walked slowlyowards it then she tripped and fell in a pile if thorns...



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