Love Child

"Love Child" which tells the story of Abigail Martin. George Martin Is in love with Ellen Forrester and they want to get married but the outbreak of WW1 makes Ellen hesitate and after a night of passion she finds herself pregnant. She is forced to give up the child for adoption after George is killed. She has to look after her sick mother and her younger brother. Read what happens in this fascinating story of love, murder, and intrigue. the story will take you from 1920 -1973


8. 8

They walked through the station then turned the corner where Edward escorted her to Mollie’s tea room. He pulled out a chair for her then sat down himself. A young girl came to the table and asked if she could take their order. “Could we have a pot of tea and some sandwiches please?’

“Yes sir, I wont be a moment.’

“So tell me Miss Marshbanks where do you work; I have not seen you round these parts before. Do you live near here?’

“No, I live in North Shields.’ I work for a local solicitor called Humphreys; do you know it she lied?’

“Yes, they actually bank with us. Mr Thompson is a bit of a card isn’t he?’

“We try to avoid him in the office.’ Muriel’s face was turning red as she dug herself a bigger hole

The tea and sandwiches arrived they were neatly cut into triangles with ham and sliced tomato. Muriel stirred the tea before using a strainer over each cup and pouring it out.

She wanted to take off her gloves but was afraid that the yellow kipper dye would show up and her cover story would be blown.’

“What do you do with yourself of a weekend then Miss Marshbanks?’

“Not a lot really I’m not one for socialising; I usually take a book to bed and read it.’

“That’s funny so do I.’

She looked over at the handsome young man sitting opposite her. His hair was wavy and very well groomed too. He reminded her of Errol Flynn the actor but he was a good five inches taller. Then she looked at his fingers; they were manicured. God forbid he saw hers.’

“I would like to see you again if I may.’

“Well; I only come to the market on a Saturday afternoon. Sometimes I have to go into work and I don’t get out until one o’clock.

“That’s alright; I can meet you at two o’clock at the book store.’

“Are you sure you would like to see me again Mr Forrester?’

“Why not; you are a beautiful intelligent woman.’

“It was the first time anyone had called her beautiful and intelligent.’

 “Very well Mr Forrester; I will be at the bookstore at two o’clock next Saturday.’

“Please call me Edward.’

“Very well Edward she said as she poured them more tea and she ate a sandwich from the plate.

She was so hungry she could have eaten them all but restrained herself.

“When they had finished tea it was Muriel who got up first.’

“Right then Edward I must go; I have things to do for my mother.’

“I can drop you off if you like in my car.’

“No thanks I bought a return train ticket; it would be a shame to waste it.’

 Don’t forget your book said Edward as he wrote something on the inside then handed it to her.

 She did not open the book but shook hands with Edward before making her way to the train station. She sat on the seat waiting for the train to arrive. Opening the page

She read what Edward had written.

“Hoping this is the first chapter in our story; it was a pleasure meeting you Muriel; regards Edward.’

“Muriel read it over and over;’ before beginning the first page.

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