Love Child

"Love Child" which tells the story of Abigail Martin. George Martin Is in love with Ellen Forrester and they want to get married but the outbreak of WW1 makes Ellen hesitate and after a night of passion she finds herself pregnant. She is forced to give up the child for adoption after George is killed. She has to look after her sick mother and her younger brother. Read what happens in this fascinating story of love, murder, and intrigue. the story will take you from 1920 -1973


58. 58

Muriel nearly blurted out “bloody hell” in a broad Geordie accent but she composed herself.’

“Are you ever frightened; have you been threatened by anyone?’

“Yes many times; but you have to stay calm and just do the job.’ As I said you get to know the real crooks because they don’t openly threaten you in court. They send you a message.’

I don’t know how you can be so blasé about it.’

“You have to Muriel or there would be no judicial system.’

The starters arrived and Muriel looked at the lobster and nearly blurted out I take those home every night from work and I’ve eaten more lobster than you’ve had hot dinners. She restrained her self again.’

“This lobster is something else.’

“I bet the vast majority of your lobsters are all caught in the North East.’

“Really well that says something about your home town then doesn’t it.’

“How is your soup?’

“My mother makes better.’

“I see you are going to be hard to please tonight.’

“I do have some good news for you though.’

“You do.’

“Yes, I did some checking and it seems that George Martin who was killed in Artois in May 1915 is the father of Abigail and what’s more her mother is listed as Ellen Forrester.’

Really that’s wonderful news; thank you so much Gerry.’

“Do you know the mother of the child?’

“Yes, I do Gerry.’ I have been seeing her brother Edward who she lives with and it was never mentioned about a child.’

Ellen did say that there were things that she could not tell me.’

“I never dreamed when I came to visit my aunt that Abigail was the love child of George Martin and Ellen Forrester. It was just morbid curiosity really; I never thought that a child called by the name of Abigail could be the daughter of Ellen Forrester. My Aunt has never hidden the fact that Abigail is adopted and who her real father was; If George Martin’s name had not been mentioned by my aunt; I would never have known that Abigail was Ellen’ daughter.’

My Aunt doesn’t know that I know who Abigail’s real mother is.’

“Are you going to tell her?’

“I don’t know Gerry I could be opening a can of worms here.’

 “I see; legally the mother could still see the child but it would be up to Abigail if she wanted to live with her real mother or not. Loyalty is a funny thing Muriel. Would Abigail resent her mother for adopting her or would she want to see her out of curiosity. She has only ever known Ester as her adoptive mother.’

“The thing is I do not see any motherly love between them Gerry.’

Abigail is treated like one of the servants really; apart from feeding and clothing her. I see no real closeness there. In fact she has come to confide in me more than my aunt.’

The steaks arrived and there was a lull in the conversation until they left.’

Gerry picked up his knife and fork and thought for a while before answering.’

“A mother’s love can take many forms; It maybe a love that you do not recognise Muriel.’

“I recognise maternal love; the love a real mother has for its own. I saw it in Ellen’s eyes when she had to give up her child to look after her sick mother and brother too.

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