Love Child

"Love Child" which tells the story of Abigail Martin. George Martin Is in love with Ellen Forrester and they want to get married but the outbreak of WW1 makes Ellen hesitate and after a night of passion she finds herself pregnant. She is forced to give up the child for adoption after George is killed. She has to look after her sick mother and her younger brother. Read what happens in this fascinating story of love, murder, and intrigue. the story will take you from 1920 -1973


45. 45

Muriel hung up her new clothes and placed the shoes for each of the dresses next to it. She put her make up on the dressing table along with a nail file and a pair of scissors in a special box. Muriel had also bought two different shades of nail polish and she opened the bottle and painted her nails for the first time in her life. Her hands were immediately transformed from the hands that gutted herring into something an artist would paint. In only two days she had changed from the person that she was. Could she pull it off next weekend when she would be presented at the ball?

Muriel went down to the library when her nails had dried and picked up another book Anne of Green Gables. A story of a pair of siblings who run a farm and when they are getting on decide to adopt a boy to help run it. They send a girl by mistake (Anne) Shirley who has no social graces or education. She charms Matthew Cuthbert and they give her a trial on the farm. Then they send her to church to learn and she ends up putting liniment instead of vanilla into a cake. At school she is taunted about her red hair by Gilbert Blythe a clever boy. The two become rivals after she hits him over the head with a slate. The rivalry continues all the way through the novel until Anne gives up her spirited ways and becomes an academic. They both go to the queen’s academy where Anne wins a scholarship. Matthew dies of a heart attack and Marilla is going blind so Anne takes a teaching post near her so she can look after her Gilbert gives up his job in Avonlea to be near Anne and the two become very close friends.

Muriel is fast becoming more efficient and an even faster reader. She reads nearly the whole book in one sitting and would have finished it if it not for the intervention of dinner that evening. That evening they were eating roast pork, mashed potatoes, carrots, Swede, and cabbage with gravy made from the meat juices. Abigail declined the lentil soup but Muriel ate hers because she was hungry only having had a small sandwich at lunchtime.

Remembering what her aunt had said she left some of her vegetables on the plate even though she would have normally ate the lot.’

She picked up an apple on her way to her room and lay on the bed reading the final chapter of her book. Her aunt wet out again at nine o’clock to her bridge class.

When she was finished reading Muriel knocked on Abigail’s room door then popped her head around.’

“Can I come in?’

“Yes; said Abigail as she played with a large dolls house upon the rug. Muriel sat with her and the two of them pretended to run the household.’

Muriel made up names for the servants and of course Abigail was the home owner.

They laughed as they played.

Muriel asked if she knew who her real mother was and if she had ever met her.

“No, all I know is that my father was killed in the war and that his name was George Martin.’

“George Martin you say.’

“Yes; apparently my mother didn’t want me and gave me up for adoption.’

“I don’t think a mother would do such a thing if there wasn’t a reason behind it.’

“It must have been really hard for her to let you go.’

“Do you think that my real mother will come for me one day?’

“Would you want that?’

“Well my adoptive mother is getting old; who would look after me if anything should happen to her.’

“I guess I would look after you.’

“Would you, I would like that very much.’

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