Love Child

"Love Child" which tells the story of Abigail Martin. George Martin Is in love with Ellen Forrester and they want to get married but the outbreak of WW1 makes Ellen hesitate and after a night of passion she finds herself pregnant. She is forced to give up the child for adoption after George is killed. She has to look after her sick mother and her younger brother. Read what happens in this fascinating story of love, murder, and intrigue. the story will take you from 1920 -1973


2. 2

Walking further on they said hello to Pauline an old lady who was wearing an oxygen mask; the gas bottle she carried in her shopping trolley. She wore the same red coat that she wore every time that she came in. Maureen another lady sat marking off a plastic game board as the prize bingo numbers were read out in double quick time.

The ladies walked to the table that was situated around the corner from the bar but near the café there were three regulars who were already sitting down as they passed and said hello on their way to the cafeteria. They peered into the glass compartment as they tried to decide what to eat.

“I’m having the scampi with chips said Sheila, what are you going to have?’

“I don’t really know.’

“The sausage looks good.’

“You have got sausage on the brain since you have come back from your holiday in Spain.

“Well you couldn’t help noticing all of those fit young men on the beach she laughed they get you all hot and bothered.’

“You’ve got me all hot and bothered talking about them.’

“Yes ladies what can I get you asked the woman behind the counter who was also called Linda.

“Can I have the scampi with chips please?’ “What you having Linda?’

“I’m going to have the sausage; I’ve been influenced by you.’

Both women began to laugh and the woman behind the counter gave them both a strange look because she obviously didn’t get the joke.’

“Can I have onions with that please?’

“Yes but it will be extra Linda.’

“Well I didn’t expect to get them for nothing; not in here anyway.’

“Sorry I only work here; if it were up to me you could have them for nowt.’

“I’m not getting at you pet it’s the bloody Gala Bingo, we spend an absolute fortune in here, and we can’t even get a few lousy onions for free.’

“Can I have a bread bun with my meal as well please Linda?’

Totting up the price on the till it came to four pounds fifty each with a cup of tea and a latte coffee.

They placed the meal on their trays then got some cutlery from the receptacle and then helped themselves to sugar salt and black pepper before returning to their seats. Both ladies removed their coats then placed them on the spare seat at the table.

“Oh she hasn’t given me any butter for our bread buns.’

“I’ll go over said Sheila.’

“Moments later she returned with one pat each.’

“Generous to a fault this place isn’t it.’

“You’re telling me; I’m going to the Jolly Bowman next week Linda.’

“Did you do this week’s competition magazines she asked Sheila as she cut into one of the sausages on her plate?’

I’ve done them all so if you want the answers they are all there for you.’

“Well have your dinner first then we can get them out before the first chance starts.’

Sheila cut a chip in half then placed it into her mouth as a relative of Linda came around and began to chat.’

“What are you both havin’

“I’m trying the scampi this week; mind you I’m not impressed; it’s all batter.’

“Ann Taylor the forty six year old looked more like a pensioner; she had no front teeth and three missing ones on the bottom set. Her face looked like a road map of Africa as it had that many lines on it and her hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail.

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