Aaliyah has always been the fat girl. she's always been picked on. what happens when she turns into a rebel.? what happens when she shows up her first day of sophomore year lookin better than ever.? what happens when her worst tormentor falls in love with her.? will she run away like she always does.? or will she stay.?


2. birthday gifts

"happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too"

I woke up to my sister and dad singing me happy birthday while holding a tray of breakfast in their hands. on the tray was a glass of orange juice, pancakes stacked in a perfect neat pile, different berries on the side, bacon just how I like it (crispy), and a cupcake with a single candle in it. my dad told me to eat it all up and get showered and dressed because we will have a big day ahead of us. I ate all of my food up and took the tray downstairs.

when I arrived back upstairs I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower. when I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my body and around my head. I sat down at my vanity and did my makeup. I just did a casual look. I put some light bb cream on and concealer, I did very little contour, I put whitye eyeshadow all over my eye lid, and I put the bronzer in my crease. I did a thin line of eyeliner in my top lash line. I curled my eyelashes and put mascara on. after I finished that I did two boxer braids. I looked inside of my closet to find a cute shirt. I found a white crop top that was long sleeve with the shoulders cut out, next I looked for jeans. I just wore dark denim jeans with holes and slits all over in them. and I threw on my all white high top converse and headed downstairs. my dad told me that we were going to Starbucks and then to get my car. since I am turning 16 I get my license since I had my permit at 15. we went to Starbucks. I ordered a medium Cotton candy frappe, my dad got a medium iced skinny vanilla frappe, and my little sister got a Carmel frappe. we sat down inside Starbucks and just talked about some stuff.

after we finished our drinks we went back out to the car and went to get my car.!!!

when we arrived at the dealership I decided I wanted a Toyota Highlander all black. we bought it but we didn't bring it home just yet. my dad took me to get my license. after I got my license I went back and got my car.!! we both drove to Popeyes to get some lunch.

after we ate lunch we all went home. we all sat in the family room and watched a movie. by the time the movie ended it was 4:30 pm. my dad turned to me and said

dad: I have made up my mind and what I'm going to do is let you invite some friends over. your sister and I are going to stay at a hotel overnight. you can invite whoever over. or you can just have the whole place to yourself. or go do whatever. but you know the rules.!!

me: dad I really don't n..

dad:no I insist. go do something fun. you have your own car. you have the house to yourself. you have your birthday money your mom sent you and the birthday money gave you. go do something. it's your sweet 16.!!

me: okay, dad.

dad: we will be back around 2 pm tomorrow. bye sweetie.

and they left. I decided I would go to the gym.

when I got back from the gym I invited my friend Jack over. Jack has been my friend since kindergarten. I don't know what I would do without him.

the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. it wasn't jack though. it was Adrian. what was he doing here.?

Adrian: so I heard its your birthday and I wanted to say happy birthday.

me: yeah okay but what do you really want.?

Adrian: I just wanted to say happy birthday and can I possibly stay tonight.? my mom kicked me out because I was disrespecting her.??

me:and why would I ever let you stay.? after what you put me through.

Adrian: listen, I've changed. I haven't made fun of you all summer, I actually think you're kinda cute. and it's just one night. I won't bother you. I promise.

me: *blushing* fine. but only this one time.

Adrian: thank you so much!!!!

while Adrian was getting clothes I called jack and told him that plans changed and he can't come over. he actually sounded pretty cool with it. Adrian came back over.

Adrian: where do I sleep.?

me: you can sleep in one of the guest rooms.

Adrian: okay.! thank you so much again.

me:you're welcome.

Adrian: and do you mind if I use your shower.?

me: not at all. you can either use the one upstairs or downstairs.

he decided to use the one downstairs because it was my dads and had all of the guy stuff in it. while he showered downstairs I showered upstairs. I got dressed in my pjs and went back downstairs only to run into Adrian. he was only in a towel. he had the white towel wrapped around his waist complimenting his skin tone pretty well. he had nice toned abs as well. we chuckled and went to get dressed. we met on the couch he was in boxers and a shirt now. we ordered Chinese food and watched a funny movie. then we went out separate ways. I have to say.. it wasn't that bad. now only if he can act that nice to me when we go back to school.

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