All stories have two sides. Meet Rosie Wyatt and Pixie Evans as they tell you the series of events from their different perspectives. It'll leave you on a real cliffhanger!


6. Chapter 5

When I first started working in an office, I met Darcy Elliot-Wood. Me and Darcy got along really well. We worked on the same block and got to work together on projects most times. We used to sneak off to grab cups of tea. Darcy used to be quite daring and got me to spike some co-worker's tea. We got in a hell of a lot of trouble, but it was fun. I remember those fun nights. The nights at the clubs were the ones where I'd end up with my heels broken, my mascara run and faded, and all my dignity gone. I regret half the things Darcy and I decided to do when we were drunk or whatever, but in someways it was fun. It was a new light on life. I'd always been the geeky one who didn't fit in and socialise, but with Darcy something felt different. Her daring personality kind of rubbed off on me I guess. I felt more daring, more rebellious, like nothing and nobody could stop me.

This one night we went out, we saw the boss' son, Marcus. We were just minding our own business, sat on a table with some guys we knew. We were sipping shots of vodka other alcoholic drinks. I didn't ask what was in them, I didn't dare to know the truth. If I knew the truth, Lauren would find out and be disappointed in me. So I just got my way through by drinking whatever was in those glasses.

"Hey up Marcus," Darcy yelled that night as we all fidgeted along the uncomfortable bench, "come join us! We can make space!" Darcy was giggling as she shoved us all down the bench to make space for Marcus. None of us at work had really met Marcus. He popped in every now and then to see his dad. But we never had chance to talk to him. Of course, there was a lot of gossip going around about him. One was that he was gay, one was that he was a millionaire and I think the other was that he had five children to three different women. Of course, all the gossip was bullshit, but nobody knew at the time.

Anyway, Marcus decided to ponder over. I wasn't too bothered of course, Marcus was extremely hot. He had girls cooing over him and practically begging for his attention. I was never one of those girls, but I did find him jaw-dropping. He sat down on the bench and like Darcy always did, she was hitting it off with him. I could swear to god Darcy flirted with any guy who came within a 50 mile radius of her, and that's not even an exaggeration. At one point, I was the same. Typically when she was hitting it off with Marcus, just because I needed attention and wanted to up some bonus points on her.

A few weeks later we were at work again. Just minding our own business in the office, when Marcus came in. He looked a right mess. He looked so hungover. "He's a right mess, that boy," Darcy said as she filed some papers. She avoided eye contact with anyone and hid her eyes behind her hair. "Always wanted to get drunk, always wanted to climb in my bed, then he fucked off like none of it mattered!" Darcy was rushing around, hissing and swearing to herself. I was too busy watching Marcus stumbling down the steps to listen to Darcy's cursing. He looked like his face was turning bright red. He looked quiet angry. If I remember correctly, his fists were clenched as he headed towards his dad's office. I was quite nervous for him. I always remembered his dad as being quite a scary guy who seemed rather intimidating. I avoided getting on the wrong side of him.

Of course, it got heated. Marcus admitted to his dad about his affair with Darcy. That dumped her in the shit. They both got completely screamed at. Darcy was in floods and floods of tears whilst Marcus clenched his fists and kept yelling. We could all hear this amongst the typing of a few people who decided not to be nosey. For some reason, that day, the daredevil in me came out. So I approached the office and joined in with the arguments. I got a few threats thrown at me, like how defending people could make me loose my job. The thing is, the boss didn't want anyone to see Marcus if they worked for him. He couldn't be arsed with the complications of the whole situation. He preferred to keep his home life from his work life to distract from any disruptions. I then left the office as I decided not to put my job in the line for Darcy, as all she did was lead me into trouble. Plus, I always had Lauren. I didn't need anyone else.

A week later, Darcy quit her job and ran away to Italy with Marcus. The boss was pretty pissed, of course, as his whole life messed up from then. I'm just glad I stayed out, otherwise I would've got more grief as I stuck around and kept my job.

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