All stories have two sides. Meet Rosie Wyatt and Pixie Evans as they tell you the series of events from their different perspectives. It'll leave you on a real cliffhanger!


5. Chapter 4

I remember when I looked in the mirror a few hours ago. All I saw was Lauren's dim, depressed ghost looking at me, telling me what I should do next. The thing with Lauren is that she showed me many things I never dreamt about. She was the one who showed me the world, she's the one who encouraged me to work and to travel and to do all the things I did in my life. She told me the cliff was the best place for us. It was the only place that would remember how our hearts stopped breathing and our lives stopped working.

The grey curtains that covered the mirror had now been hung back by a rail of glittering diamonds. Lauren's favourite gemstones are diamonds. She says they are so beautiful and so clear, so much so that they can reflect the truth. I never realised this until I decided to test the theory myself. I began to practice future telling and magic tricks. Lauren always taught me the way, she always held the torch to lead the way. That was the time that I was her shadow. We could both see the future, which is how we knew we'd be friends forever. The magic tricks we knew were amazing and shocked everyone we showed. Our audience was great- a cluster of teddy bears in the corner, a couple of goldfish in a bowl and a dog who was interested in his bone. Even though it wasn't the biggest of audiences, it still meant a lot to us. We felt like we got a reaction, and that's all that matters.

I brush my foot along the concrete layer on the top of the cliff. The wind is rushing through my hair, dragging it back and tangling it all up. I spent hours straightening it, trying to make myself look perfect for Lauren. This is important for us, and it is important that I make my effort and look my best. I mean, who'd want to find an ugly mess at the bottom of the cliff? I even put on make up, which isn't a regular thing to me anymore. I applied it a lot when I went partying with work, but that was it. I always ended up on the dance floor, plastered, with my heels broken and beats of music rushing through my heart. But now my makeup was presentable. My mascara wasn't too thick and my eyeliner was just perfect. I even applied some pink lipgloss, just to make even more of an effort. But besides all that, I made myself look beautiful for Lauren. She appreciated it, really. I could tell. She smiled back, told me I looked great, and sent me on my way to the cliff. I probably look mad, a pretty girl on the top of a cliff, but I have my reasons. And I'm not alone. Lauren is by my side. She looks equally as beautiful as I do.

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