Sophia is a normal fourteen year old girl who loves to play soccer. She is auditioning for a reality show called, "Kick it!" The show will be based on a soccer team working their way to the top. Sophia falls in love with the producer's cousin. She meets some obstacles along the way with a girl named Savannah who tries to take her boyfriend.


9. Chapter 9

It was currently around 5:45. I'm still at Jacob's house and we hear someone opening the door.

"That's either Jacky or Aaron." said Jacob.

"Oh ok. I'm kinda nervous but i hope everything goes well."

"You have nothing to be worried about, babe. They'll love you."

The door opens and there is a tall pretty girl who looks like Jacob.

"Jacob am I interrupting something?"

"No Jacky. This is my girlfriend Sophia but you can call her Sophie or Soph for short. Jacky, Sophie. Sophie, Jacky."

I moved my hand towards her so she can shake it and she said, " no need for that Soph."

Jackie then moved toward me and gave me a hug.

"Jacob has told me so many things about you that I feel that I've known you for years."

"Same here."

We both let go.

"so have you guys eaten yet?"

"Yeah, we ate a while ago like around 12 but I'm starting to get hungry. How about you Soph."

"i'm getting a bit hungry."

"I'll call Aaron see if he can order us something. What do you guys want?"

"ijust take a regular cheeseburger and fries."

"Me too" I said.

"What do you both want to drink?"

Me and Jacob both said Sprite.

"Damn you guys are way cuter than me and Michael."

We laughed.

"How long have you and Michael been together?"

"We've been dating for about 8 months."

"Wow cool. We have been dating for a couple days."

"Poor Aaron is the only one that isn't dating anyone" said Jacky.

"How old is he?"


"My sister Eliana is 16 so maybe we can get them together."

"Ooooh. I think he'll like her"

"Maybe tomorrow after filming, we can all go out on a triple date somewhere," I said imagining a lightbulb over my head.

"I like the way you think."

Someone opened the door. It was Jacob's parents. Here we go.


A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for not publishing chapters over the last couple days. Hope you all enjoy this chapter.

-Jocelyn Uribe

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