Sophia is a normal fourteen year old girl who loves to play soccer. She is auditioning for a reality show called, "Kick it!" The show will be based on a soccer team working their way to the top. Sophia falls in love with the producer's cousin. She meets some obstacles along the way with a girl named Savannah who tries to take her boyfriend.


19. Chapter 18

I got to Adrian's house. There was loud music and I heard a lot of people. I rang the doorbell. No one answered. I rang again. Adrian answered the door while taking a sip of what looked like beer.

"Hey Soph!" Adrian said.

"Hey! Happy Birthday!" I said hugging him and giving him a card.

I bought him am iTunes card because I didn't know what else to buy him.

"Thanks!" He said, "Come in!"

I walked in and he closed the door. I recognized some people who probably went to Jasmine's school.

"Hey so where's Jacob?" I said.

"I think he went upstairs," Adrian replied.

"Ok thanks."

I went upstairs. I went to a door that was cracked open a bit. Jacob was there laying on a bed, but he wasn't alone.


A/N: Hey guys! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. We're a couple chapters away from the finale. Thanks for reading!

-Jocelyn Uribe😘

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