Sophia is a normal fourteen year old girl who loves to play soccer. She is auditioning for a reality show called, "Kick it!" The show will be based on a soccer team working their way to the top. Sophia falls in love with the producer's cousin. She meets some obstacles along the way with a girl named Savannah who tries to take her boyfriend.


11. Chapter 11

Im ready for soccer practice/day 2 of filming "Kick it!" I am excited to be there with Jacob and Jasmine. I hope Savannah doesn't do anything she'll regret. I walked towards the field and saw everyone. I even saw my bae. I walked up to him.

"Hey beautiful." He said.

He hugged me and we kissed.

"Hey handsome."

We wrapped our arms around each other and started kissing again.

"I like it when you wear my soccer gear."

"Thanks babe."

I heard footsteps and it was Savannah. Oh hell no. I just ignored her and started kissing Jacob again.

"Damn get a room already," said Savannah.

"Maybe we will," Jacob replied.

"We should babe," I said looking up at him.

Savannah scoffed and kept walking.

"Savannah is never going to get any of this," he said pointing towards his mid-section.

"I already got my name written all over it."

He smiled and hugged me.

"Okay girls start making your way over here," yelled Vanessa. I put my stuff down and stood next to Jasmine.

"How's it going with Jacob? You both look so cute together I swear," Jasmine said.

"Its going good but Savannah is pushing our buttons."


"She literally went to his house WHILE I WAS THERE and started talking crap about us being together and how she wants Jacob to be HER boyfriend!!"

"Desperate much?"

"I know right?!"

I looked over at Jacob and that bitch was there talking to him.

"WTF" I said walking towards him.

"Hey babe," I said hugging him and kissing him so she can at least try to get the hint to back off.

"Lookin' hot today."


Savannah just stood there with that "what the hell" look.

"Sorry Jacob is taken. Looks like you'll have to find someone else! Toodles bitch!" I said.

"What the hell?! I know he like me and not you so you have to back off."

"If he liked you he would've asked you out when he first saw you. Oh wait! That happened to me and I love him."

Wait what did I just say? Did that happen a bit too fast?

"I love you too, Soph."

He hugged me with his hands wrapped around my waist.

"And yes, I asked out Sophia because she is super hot, wasn't desperate, and is actually nice. You have none of those things so bye!"

"Ooh burn! That's my boyfriend," I said as Savannah was walking away. "Go walk away now with your desperate ass!"

"We rocked that," Jacob said.

"Those shots you fired were sexy and showed how much you love and care about me. What a turn on."

We laughed.

He kept his arms wrapped around me and we kissed.

I stopped and said, " I really gotta go now. Save the sexiness and turn ons for later."

"I sure will," he said while we let go.

I walked to Jasmine and we started filming.


A/N: Hey everyone! Hope you all liked this chapter. It's heating up! I'm out of state right now so I'll try my best to publish whenever I can. I am currently visiting my cousin @hipster4337. Do read her story as well.

-Jocelyn Uribe

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