Reckless (h.s)

He let the weird silence between us hang in the air,
“You know, people are right about the poker face, you’ve got a killer one. I have no fucking clue what you’re thinking,” He leans onto the doorframe.

“I’ve had to adapt one to be able to survive in this town,” I whisper back.


2. The Diner

"So there's a summer kick off party at Ethan Rivers’ place tomorrow night. His daddy just bought him this amazing house for his birthday. You have to be there," Melanie says to me as we walk into our favorite diner.

Ethan Rivers, born into one of the richest families in this town. Since she is an only child, of course she’s spoiled.


I breathe in the wonderful mixture of scents that filled the diner.

Millie's Diner has been a tradition of Melanie and I's since we first became friends. Melanie and I met when we were in first grade, when I first moved to Fair Oaks to live with my Grandmother. Her extroverted self reached out me when I needed someone the most. Mel is one of the only people I can trust after everything happened. Millie's was like a second home to me because of how much time I spent here.

Mel and I take our usual seats at the counter.

"Autumn! You're back!" I hear the familiar voice of the one and only, Millie.

"Millie! I've missed you so much," I give her gentle hug, because I feel as if I could break her tiny body.

I sit back down on my stool, and she hops behind the counter.

For a seventy-something year old women she sure has a hell of lot of energy.

"The usual?" she asks.

We barely even give her a nod and she's running into the kitchen making our meals.

"So back to talking about the party," Mel turns towards me.

"You should totally bring a date. You need to get back out there!" Mel flips her fiery red hair off her shoulder.

"I'm not bringing a date to the party, Melanie. I'm not going out with someone just so you can live vicariously though me," I tell her.

Melanie has never been good at committing to a relationship. I love her to death, but boy, that girl can get around. When Melanie met Will, her current boyfriend, she became a better person. They've been together for just a little under a year, which is record breaking for Melanie.

A few minutes go by, and Millie comes scuttling out with our meals.

"Here you go sweeties," Millie smiles.

"Chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and extra whipped cream for Autumn, and a veggie omelet with a side of bacon for Melanie."

"You know me so well," I begin to dig into my pancakes.

I've had the same exact order since I can remember. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What can I say; Millie makes the best pancake, or food for that matter. I gingerly cut off a bite and lift it towards my mouth. Pure bliss.

Millie goes and takes care of a few more of her costumers, and come back when we're nearly finished with our meal.

"I overheard that you’re looking for a boyfriend. I know a great guy," Millie tells me.

I nearly choke on my pancake. Before I can decline Melanie butts in.

"Tell me about him," Melanie has a dangerous glimmer in her eyes.

"Well, he's my grandson to start with."

I thought Millie only had granddaughters. Hmm I guess not.

"He' a really sweet boy. He's twenty-one, only a year older that you. And he's staying in Fair Oaks for the summer. His name is-"

"That's really sweet of you Millie, but I'm not looking for someone right now.”

I’m suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. I’ve always put up a wall when it comes to relationship. Of course, I’ve had my fair share of boyfriends, but I don’t see the need have one right now.

"Okay honey, but if you ever change your mind just let me know."

"Is he cute?" Melanie asks. Wow, of course you ask that, Mel.

Millie laughs, "I can show you some pictures?"

"Ooo goodie, yes!" Mel claps her hands together.

Millie goes upstairs into the apartment attached to the diner to get the pictures. I can’t do this. I have to get out of here.

"Umm I-I have to go. Thank you Millie," I pull out a 20-dollar bill on the counter and begin to walk out as she begins to pull out pictures.

"Oooh la la! What's his name?" Melanie asks.

I walk out of the diner before I can hear Millie’s answer.







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