Reckless (h.s)

He let the weird silence between us hang in the air,
“You know, people are right about the poker face, you’ve got a killer one. I have no fucking clue what you’re thinking,” He leans onto the doorframe.

“I’ve had to adapt one to be able to survive in this town,” I whisper back.


3. Party Time

"There he is," Melanie whispers in my ear, pointing to a shadowy figure in the living room.

He steps closer to the little light that was in the living room, making his silhouette crisp and clear. I examine him closer. No, it can't be. Not him.

"That's Millie's grandson?" I ask, still not believing it.

There's no way what’s-his-face matches Millie's description. They have to be two completely different people.

"Sure is! Isn't he a hottie?"

Well, shit. He catches me looking his way, and waves at me, I just scowl back. I need to get him out of my head.

“What’s wrong?” Mel asks.

“Oh nothing. Just a little tense I guess,” I lie.

"Autumn! Over here! We're all doing shots!" I hear the voice of Ethan Rivers call over to me. My body staggers through the crowd of people to the kitchen island where shots were being poured. Music pumped through me as we all tipped back our heads and downed the shots on three.

A few drinks later, I found my body swaying back and forth with the music. One particular scent peaked my interest. I made my way towards the enticing cologne and ended up nearly knocking over something behind me. I immediately realize that it's not something, but someone when all too familiar hands steady me. Spinning around to apologize, I noticed it was him that was wearing that wonderful scent.

The boy from the beach gave me a half-smile, "Whoa, there."

Déjà vu much? What's his name again? I know it begins with an 'H'.

I just stare at him like a buffoon. I mentally slap myself over and over again. Don't stare at the enemy.

He raised a hand in greeting, "Hello again."

"I-uh" I stuttered, my brain scrambling for something to say.

"Hey asshat."

Did I really just say that? Yes, yes I did.

He gives me puts his hand on my heart in fake mockery, "Ouch."

I can't help but smile at that.

"So you're really Millie's grandson?" I ask. I still can't believe it.

"The one and only," he winks. He's really got to stop doing that. Geez.

“I never got a name to match that pretty face,” he leaned against the living room wall, and crossed his arms

"Autumn," I nervously run a hand through my hair.

“Yo, Harry! Wanna go do some shots with us?” a blonde boy asks him.

So that's his name, Harry. I repeat his name a million times in my head.

“Nah, I think I’ll stay here a little while,” he pats me on the head.

“I am not a fucking dog!” I snatch his hand off my head, and place it by his side.

His eyes light up, and he opens his mouth to say something, but then Melanie approaches with a tray in her hands.

"Jell-O shots anyone?" she offers.

"Thanks," I say to Melanie, as I grab a cherry Jell-O cup off the tray. I need as much liquid courage as I can get.

Harry also takes a shot from the tray, and thanks Melanie.

"No problem," Melanie gives me a little nudge, and I watch her strut away to offer more people Jell-O shots.

Our bodies simultaneously turn to each other once again.

"1-2-3," I count, and we both down the shots.

Yum, that was good.

"Do you want to dance with me?"

The gesture took me off guard, but before I knew it he was leading me towards a crowd of dancing teens.

It could have been the alcohol running through my body, but I dance like nobody was watching.

We look deep into each other's eyes as we dance.

We were dancing in the sea of people for a while, when I started to feel dizzy.

Everything thing was starting to blur together when Harry reached for my hand and lead me to the kitchen.


“Thank you,” I said, giving him grin. “The dance floor got a little bit too intense for me.” 


I keep my eyes glued to the floor. He was standing with his feet facing me. I make a bold move by looking up at him. I instantly regret it because as soon as I look up, my eyes lock with his. I felt nervous looking at him. He wasn’t relenting on his eye contact, holding it steady and secure.


Harry suddenly pressed me against the kitchen counter, very little space between us remaining.


“The way you’re looking at me it’s like you want me to kiss you,” he murmured in my ear, his lips grazing my ear.

I could push him away at any time, but yet, I didn’t want to. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the little sober part left in me that actually was turned on.

He cupped my face, his thumb stroking my cheek. He brushed back my long strawberry blonde hair, letting his fingers trail in between the silky locks.


Nope, nope, nopety, nope. Self-control Autumn. Remember, he was the asshole at the beach yesterday. You don’t know what he’s really like. You just met him; you’re going too fast with him.

So many thoughts were running through my mind all at once.

I finally spoke, “No thanks, but I do appreciate the thought.” I stood up and walked into the bathroom. There were two teens making out in there. I immediately walk out, and find another bathroom upstairs. Thank god it was empty this time.

I turn on the faucet, and wash my face with cold water. Get ahold of yourself, Autumn.


I told myself I didn’t care. Not about any of it. I didn’t have to involve myself with the awkward party.

I take another two minutes to freshen up. There was a sudden knock at the door.

I hesitated to open the door, but I just cleared my throat and continued walking across the bathroom to the door.

“Hey,” Harry greeted like absolutely nothing was wrong between us. Confused by what the gesture meant, I turned back around starting to close the door, and that’s when a foot came out and stopped it.

“What are you doing?” I asked accusingly

“I’m holding the door with my foot,” he answered the obvious innocently

“I can see that,” I raised my eyebrows in questioning of him as I tentatively stepped closer to him. I breathed out with clear annoyance.

He let the weird silence between us hang in the air, “You know, Millie’s right about the poker face, you’ve got a killer one. I have no fucking clue what you’re thinking,” He knowingly commented

“I’ve had to adapt one to be able to survive in this town,” I tell him.

“Yeah, well… I was hoping you would want to come back to the party?”

I had tried to search for some lie about why not to go, but I found none.



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