all the words for pink

"tell me it will be okay," i say. "tell me nothing will ever change."

jamie's eyelids flutter, and her hair is fanned out like an angel's halo. "sweetheart, if that's your wish, then nothing ever will. nothing will ever change."

i always loved her for that lie.

**this is a really complex-seeming project that i've been working on for almost 2 years, in a thousand different forms. it kind of sucks but i kind of like it, so everything's okay (: was called silver stars but i'm an indecisive little brat


4. tea rose

i am still very young. it has only been a few weeks since eden came to stay. marlene is happy she is here, and i do not notice the extra person as much as i should. eliza says i should be considerate, and jay says that means i should think of what i'm doing before i do it. which i don't think is fair.


eden is very quiet and very polite. this is annoying to me because i am neither, and now i am told to be more like eden in addition to being told to be more like jay-marlene-alison. (i am not told to be more like rose, because she is only a baby.)


i have not heard anything about eden's council since she arrived. it must be very important though, because sometimes she and marlene stop talking when i walk into a room. that and johnathan and eliza are yelling more, and pretending they're not more.


i wish that eden would leave. then i could have my family back, and no one would say considerate, at least as much as they do now. for now i will go to bed. and i will hope she is gone in the morning.

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