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2. Turncoat-September 1777

Author-Lady Alora Wiley

Cover-I love the cover, I think it suits the book really well. I also like the chapter titles you do in the beginning. It brings a new look to the book that makes it feel like it's from the 1700's.

Blurb-I think the blurb catches your attention very well. I think you should take out the part where you said the blurb is horrible. I think the blurb is fine.

Plot-The plot is amazing. Your book is so realistic, and I like how you even turned the letter s to f. That makes it even more realistic. You know your stuff. I also can't believe the cliff hanging you left off on! It makes the readers excited to read the next chapter so that is a nice touch.

Characters-I think the characters are very intriguing. Adam and Bennet's relationship is very interesting. I would like to know more about what caused them to loose contact. I would also like to know more about their background and their family. Evie is a very mysterious character. I can't wait to learn more about her.

Dialogue-I didn't find any mistakes. It is very well written.

Punctuation-No mistakes there either, very well done.

Overall review-I love this book so far! No mistakes and very well written. All the advice I give is in the next chapters to give more background about the characters. Wish you luck with your book! Sorry if this is bad advice this is my first time reviewing a book.

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